Tales Of Monkey Island: Launch Of The Screaming Narwhal Articles for PC

On: PCWii

Final Tales of Monkey Island episode out Dec 8

First four episodes now available to buy individually.

Publish date Nov 19 2009

LucasArts offers Pirate Day offers

Enjoy International Talk Like a Pirate Day with Monkey Island.

1 Publish date Sep 18 2009

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 out Aug 20

Guybrush must defend the Mer-People.

Publish date Aug 7 2009

Telltale on what's next for Tales of Monkey Island.

CEO Dan Connors assesses chapter one and previews chapter two.

Publish date Aug 3 2009

Monkey Island Telltale’s ‘best performing’ title ever

Has ‘exceeded expectations’.

2 Publish date Jul 30 2009

Telltale on WiiWare limitations

Download limit on WiiWare titles to blame for low quality audio and textures.

Publish date Jul 30 2009

Monkey Island Special Edition out next week

Available on July 15 for PC and Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Publish date Jul 7 2009

Making point-and-click cool again

Telltale CEO Dan Connors on Natal, the PS3 and classic point-and-click adventures.

2 Publish date Jun 22 2009

Telltale: Guybrush ‘is a great character’ for Natal

Natal is a “huge thing for what we’re doing”.

Publish date Jun 22 2009

Telltale wants to make episodic Day of the Tentacle

Says it’s ‘feasible’.

4 Publish date Jun 19 2009

LucasArts on a mission to revitalise classic franchises

New Monkey Islands are just the start.

1 Publish date Jun 1 2009

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