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Syndicate screenshot
Syndicate screenshot

If you've ever had a job you hated - and the chances are, you've had more than one - spare a thought for Francis Young. Mr Young works for West Meld Solutions, introduced by the billboard outside as "an Aspari company". West Meld Solutions deals in biomechanical upgrades, and it seems as if Young isn't too happy here. He's just been fired for a list of crimes that includes sabotage and inappropriate behaviour.

I'm not exactly sure what Mr Young did, but I'm pretty sure it was worse than setting his colleague's stapler in a bowl of jelly.

When we finally catch up with him, he's behind a door marked "Customer Relations". He's having seven shades kicked out of him by a security guard, while another watches on with a bored expression. In any other game, we might rescue Mr Young, but that's not what goes down today. In Syndicate, we use our Breach powers to hack into the brain of one of the guards, who then promptly executes both Young and the other guard before shooting himself in the head. As the suicidal cop terminates himself, he falls through a glass window, allowing us to progress.

On evidence of this first demo, that's Syndicate in a nutshell. You can't even open a door without murdering three people first, and two of them are too busy duffing up the third to notice their impending doom.

This first demo is an excerpt from an early mission, Executive Search, in which you've been tasked with retrieving a microchip from inside the head of Gary Chang - one of the leading specialists at West Meld. I'm not going to cover the entire narrative span of the demo, as you can see it for yourself here. What I am going to talk about is the way the game looks and plays.

Since the official reveal, Syndicate has been disparaged by critics in two distinct camps: those who think the game looks like a rip-off of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and those who are dismayed that an isometric strategy game has been remade as an FPS.

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Totally pumped for this game!
Posted 19:54 on 01 November 2011


I can't wait to earn the pacifist run achievement!
Posted 21:57 on 24 October 2011

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