Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies screenshot
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies screenshot

VideoGamer.com: Moving on, with Resident Evil 5, no PC version has been confirmed. PC gamers are looking at that and might be thinking they're being left out in the cold. How does that tally with Capcom's multi-platform strategy?

CS: That's a fantastic question. Unfortunately it's one that I can't give you an answer to today. But stay tuned.

VideoGamer.com: There is hope, then?

CS: Potentially.

VideoGamer.com: Lost Planet 2 has been announced for Xbox 360 only, but it hasn't been described as exclusive for Xbox 360. Lost Planet has a loyal following among PC gamers, as well as PS3 owners. What's the deal there? Are PS3 and PC gamers out in the cold on Lost Planet 2?

CS: That I would love to give you more information on, but I'm going to have to remain silent for a bit longer. It's complicated, it's confusing, I do understand that it's confusing how it was announced. It's not clear. Clarity will come over the coming months.

VideoGamer.com: You mentioned that you're aiming for a simultaneous release going forward with all of your titles. Does that apply to Dead Rising 2?

CS: In truth I actually need to check with the team on that. I know it's announced for PC. I don't know if that one is targeted for simultaneous launch. Dark Void will be simultaneous. Bionic Commando will be nearly simultaneous. We haven't given a date on Dark Void yet. Bionic Commando...

Dead Rising 2 screenshot

VideoGamer.com: For Bionic Commando we've got May 31.

CS: That's probably about right.

VideoGamer.com: But we've only got the first half of 2009 for the PC version.

CS: Correct. Let's say it was in the first half, it's within a couple of weeks, if you're May 31 for your console version. It may not be quite day and date but it will be close enough to benefit from the marketing that's going on around it.

VideoGamer.com: It seems like Capcom is trying to get the PC versions of its games out as close to the console versions as possible. Is that a message you're keen to get out?

CS: It is. The sad news is we're not going to be consistent about it for a while. So while it's a message I'd love to get across we're not quite walking the walk yet.

VideoGamer.com: Capcom is a Japanese company and traditionally the PC isn't as strong a gaming platform as in other countries. From your point of view, does that cause frustration?

CS: Capcom is an amazing company in its ability to evolve and adapt. To be fair to the guys in Japan they listen incredibly well. So when I sit down and say look, it's important that we do this, they line up, they take notes and they put action plans together to make it happen. It just takes time to make these things happen. And it takes planning literally months if not years in advance for some of these things to take place as far as managing resources to make sure that builds are in lock step on all three platforms, not just two.

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Ogre's Avatar


Really can't wait for the SFIV PC copy. Going to be interesting to see what can be done with a proper port for once. I'm still stuck playing MUGENs at the moment.
Posted 22:59 on 12 March 2009
CrustyJockStrap's Avatar


Nothing anouced about a PC version of Resi 5 but as the game was built on the MT framework which is a PC tool then I would say it will happen some time.
Posted 19:40 on 11 March 2009
rahulmartin's Avatar


is capcom going to release RE5 on PC ?????????????????? I dont wish to buy a ps3 just for a game
Posted 15:28 on 11 March 2009

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