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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty screenshot

Blizzard has categorically denied it is 'milking' the StarCraft franchise by deciding to release StarCraft II in three separate products.

At BlizzCon last month Blizzard revealed that the single-player campaign of the hotly anticipated follow-up to the still popular StarCraft will be divided into three products reflecting the game's three races - Terran, Zerg and Protoss. The first game in the series will be Terran: Wings of Liberty, followed by Zerg: Heart of Swarm and Protoss: Legend of the Void.

Some fans reacted angrily to the announcement, accusing Blizzard of milking the franchise, with some even openly promising to pirate the game when it comes out.

However, speaking to this afternoon in London prior to the midnight launch of World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King, Paul Sams, chief operating officer, Blizzard Entertainment, gave his word that the decision was about providing a better experience, and not about making more money.

He said: "The fact of the matter is, it's absolutely, positively untrue about us trying to stretch it out and milk it. People think that it was a monetary driven decision. I can absolutely, positively tell you, with 100 per cent certainty, that that was not part of the conversation. I guarantee it. I give my word. There was never, ever a conversation where we said, 'let's do this because we're going to make more money'. I guarantee it. As a matter of fact the sole reason we did it was because we thought it was going to be a better experience. Anybody that says otherwise is not correct. It is absolutely not what we did it for."

At the time of the announcement StarCraft II lead producer Chris Sigaty revealed that Blizzard decided to launch the game in three parts because it got bigger than they expected and to include all three campaigns from the get go would have delayed the game for years.

Today Sams backed up that comment, saying it was a "quality driven decision".

"We're doing just fine," he added. "The customers, the players of Blizzard games have rewarded us handsomely for making the right decisions on gameplay. We don't ship games before they're done and we try to provide the best experience that we possibly can because that's our priority. We shipped a ton of games that have been great but we've also cancelled a ton of games that every other company that I know would have shipped. We don't compromise on quality, and so it was a quality driven decision. It's absolutely not a monetary decision. That's absolutely not true."

What do you think about the decision to release StarCraft II in three parts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Choppa's Avatar
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They're definitely milking it, activisions ownership of blizzard has put me off due to their "hasteness" of releasing sequals to high rating games that are of poor quaility.

By the way, you will have to buy ALL 3 games to play multiplayer, as each pack will be an expanison with new units for each race + the new campaign, sure firstly you'll have the core, but like Brood Wars, D2 LoD, and even all the wow expansions, you'll need to have it or be left behind

I can see why so many peple threaten to pirate it, but with all the money WoW makes them, I dont think they care.
Posted 23:49 on 12 November 2008
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ kPod

I don't think Blizzard would ever dare milk the Starcraft franchise, mainly because they don't need to - World of Warcraft generates an equivalent income to the GDP of 10 small countries, hence why Paul Sams is denying the accusation of milking so vehemently.

I think Blizzard are going out of their way to deliver as much Starcraft goodness as early as possible to keep their fans happy, if it means doing it in 3 chunks so be it, but I think they'll be very nice chunks.
Posted 23:28 on 12 November 2008
kPod's Avatar
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It sounds like they're going for a Dawn of War-esque method of releasing, albeit without adding races as they go.

And that game series was still venturing into the top ten two years after it's original release, with the release of the last expansion pack, Soulstorm.

Let's not forget that this is a PC game, and hence will be cheaper than a console game, too.
Posted 23:18 on 12 November 2008
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Pedros who told you that? If you followed the games announcement of course there will be, you'll be able to have skirmishes no problem, it's the campaign that's split into 3.
Posted 19:57 on 12 November 2008
orakga's Avatar
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"The customers, the players of Blizzard games have rewarded us handsomely for making the right decisions on gameplay"

I think he's thinking about four years ago. Blizzard hasn't released anything since WoW, so to assume that the market will still respond the same way is a huuuuge assumption.

I agree with Pedros. If the multi-player portion can be played without needing to be constantly upgraded (by paying $50+ for each sequel), then I'd be happy. But if they're going to be charging us for a full copy of each "episode" to keep playing multi-player, then their actions will speak for themselves; Blizzard will in fact be milking its IP.
Posted 18:51 on 12 November 2008
Pedros's Avatar
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It is still unclear whether the full multiplayer experience will be available with the first game alone. If so, I can live with the split parts formula.
Posted 18:04 on 12 November 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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The more starcraft games the better.
Posted 17:51 on 12 November 2008
Joseph's Avatar
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I'm ok with long as there is a spawn version of the first one. If there isn't, there will be hell to pay.
Posted 17:36 on 12 November 2008

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