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Star Wars: The Old Republic screenshot
Star Wars: The Old Republic screenshot

Star Wars: The Old Republic has as many as 350,000 users playing at once according to Baird Equity Research.

Speaking to, analyst Colin Sebastian stated the early success of Star Wars: The Old Republic is evidence that "multiple million-users MMOs" can co-exist – an idea that many have believed impossible after a seeming monopoly had been created in subscription-based MMOs by Blizzard.

"While there is likely some shifting of usage from Activision's World of Warcraft, we see a viable market for multiple million-user MMOs in the US and Europe."

Star Wars: The Old Republic launched December 20 in Europe and North America.

BioWare recently gave hints as to the future of the game, with mentions of a change to space battles.

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User Comments

Taizuke's Avatar


Only wish this game was on consoles. I don't have a PC that could run it and i mainly play console games. And, yes, i tried the beta for DC Universe but it was just okay for me. However, i am big fan of Star Wars and i have never played an MMO so it would've been great to have seen this on consoles.
Posted 21:31 on 03 January 2012
dudester's Avatar


Thats just your server tho fm isn't it, its not 2 people on voss from the hole republic.

No idea if its good or bad but certainly seems to indicate that there are plenty of people playing.
Posted 15:15 on 03 January 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Is 350k concurrent users good or bad? Is there anything to compare it with?

I was on the planet Voss this morning, /who showed that there was just two others present. Mind you it's a big galaxy and that was just one planet. But still...
Posted 14:53 on 03 January 2012

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