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Star Wars: The Old Republic screenshot

Star Wars: The Old Republic could reach over 1 million paying subscribers despite the successful rise of free-to-play titles in the market, according to market research firm DFC Intelligence.

The game "has the potential to be a successful long-term online subscription PC game... despite a general decline in high-end subscription game products and growing competition from numerous free-to-play games like Riot Games' League of Legends, War Gaming's World of Tanks, and S2 Games' Heroes of New Earth." said DFC.

As reported by, DFC helped in tracking game usage data for the MMO during the period between its December 20, 2011 launch date and February 20, 2012, and surveyed 4000 Xfire users in January 2012. The firm now believes the BioWare title can reach over 1 million long-term paying subscribers.

"The current trend among large massively multiplayer online games is to have strong initial sales, after which users quickly lose interest and are not converted to long-term paying subscribers," stated DFC Intelligence analyst Jeremy Miller.

"While early signs are fairly positive, over the next few months the plan is to closely monitor usage and consumer reaction to gauge how well Star Wars: The Old Republic performs over time."

He added the next "three to six months" will be critical in determining whether the game can sustain its userbase.

Star Wars: The Old Republic hit Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore March 1, which is likely to bolster its subscription numbers.

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MosesZD's Avatar


I'm still trying to track down the source of the numbers. But what I have now suggests of the 1.38 million first week players, at least 600K did not renew. Further, the actual player base took a bigger hit because of all the 60-day time card player that left, but still had time on their cards. An example of this was Warhammer. Game dropped from 800K to 300K and stablized for two more months, then dropped to 150K subs when all the 60-day time cards expired.

We won't know until July what the real damage has been... But it will almost certainly be brutal and people will be fired. Every single trend is bad in the 'really bad' category. Sales are way, way off. People are quitting at high rates. Not as bad as the WoW or Rift trial quitting. Those trial accounts drop at 70%. More like Eve's 50%...

My best projection with the limited data I have is stabilzation at 300K or so... And that's not being cruel or a hater. That's just doing standard churn analysis using 'low churn' data. At current sales rates, with current 30-day drop rate and low-churn...

It's pretty brutal.
Posted 16:06 on 06 March 2012

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