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Last week at Game Convention 2005, Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts revealed the third expansion pack in the Galaxies series, which is due for release on November 1st, to tie in with the release of Battlefront II and the DVD release of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. To date over one million units of the Star Wars Galaxies franchise have been sold.

Trials of Obi-Wan features new high level quest rewards, including finding a fiery red crystal which can be used to create a lava-like lightsaber. The expansion includes more than 50 new quests, including rescue missions and exploration of a crashed Republic cruiser. If you manage to complete all of Obi-Wan's directives you will be richly rewarded.

"With Trials of Obi-Wan being an expansion set for release via digital download the same day as the Episode III DVD, we can't think of a better planet to add to Star Wars Galaxies than Mustafar," said Julio Torres, Producer at LucasArts. "Meanwhile, including the spirit of Obi-Wan nicely bridges the prequel era and the more classic-oriented time period depicted in the game. We're really excited about continuing mythology established by other LucasArts games, as well."

"A lot of positive changes have taken effect since Star Wars Galaxies first launched," said Nancy MacIntyre, LucasArts' Senior Director for the game. "We've picked up quite a few new fans and reintroduced many others to the game, especially since the Rage of the Wookiees expansion in May. Trials of Obi-Wan will only further this positive momentum."

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