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The Last Days of Star Wars Galaxies: Part 4

With a tear in her eye Emily waves goodbye to the first Star Wars MMO - dancing all the way.

2 Publish date Dec 16 2011

Star Wars Galaxies servers close forever

Sony Online Entertainment's MMO Star Wars Galaxies has finally closed after eight long years.

Publish date Dec 16 2011 Plays December 11, 2011

This week the team plays Gears of War 3, Saints Row: The Third, Star War Galaxies, and Flick Kick Football.

18 Publish date Dec 11 2011

The Last Days of Star Wars Galaxies: Part 3

With one week to go before it's shut down, we search a nearly empty MMO Star Wars Galaxies for other users.

1 Publish date Dec 9 2011

The Last Days of Star Wars Galaxies: Part 2

With two weeks to go, Emily begins her journey of trying to find other users in the soon-to-close Star Wars Galaxies MMO.

1 Publish date Dec 2 2011

Star Wars Galaxies final schedule released

While the developers are not revealing all details, it is said the Galactic Civil War will end December 14 at 9 PM PST, at which point scoring will be frozen and users will be notified which side won.

Publish date Dec 2 2011 Plays November 27, 2011

This week the team plays Batman, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Star Wars Galaxies, and .

18 Publish date Nov 27 2011

The Last Days of Star Wars Galaxies: Part 1

By December 15 Star Wars Galaxies will cease to exist, and this is my diary of its final month, the last death rattle.

8 Publish date Nov 18 2011

SOE publishes game updates for Star Wars Galaxies

The update introduces Atmospheric Flight, allowing users to travel into the sky above any of the original 10 ground planets.

Publish date Sep 15 2011

Star Wars Galaxies endgame detailed

The final endgame for the soon-to-be-closed MMO Star Wars Galaxies will include some dramatic events.

Publish date Aug 31 2011

SOE: Star Wars Galaxies F2P 'could not be implemented'

Sony Online Entertainment has issued an official statement addressing the impending closure of MMO Star Wars Galaxies.

Publish date Jul 14 2011

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