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Attention Star Trek fans! As you probably know, Atari and developer Cryptic Studios are hard at work creating Star Trek Online, the upcoming massively multiplayer online game based on the Star Trek universe. It's looking damn good, if we do say so ourselves.

Luckily for you, we've got three precious, ultra hard to come by closed beta keys right here just gagging for you to win them.

All you have to do is come up with a funny caption (keep it clean) for the screen shot below, and type it into the comments section. When the competition closes we'll pick our favourite three and send the winners' email addresses over to Atari, who will send out the invites once the closed beta begins at the end of the year.

The competition closes at 6pm GMT on Wednesday 30 September. Oh, and remember, only one entry per user will be considered!

If you don't win, fear not. You'll be able to put your name down for the closed beta over at the official site. But if you do win, rejoice. You'll be one of the first players going where no man has gone before in the closed beta!

Competition now closed

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VG_Staff's Avatar


Comment and win big!

Read Article
Posted 15:06 on 23 September 2009

User Comments

ScaryGuy's Avatar


So, is there an earlier way of knowing who won, or do we have to wait for an email via Atari?
Posted 04:56 on 07 October 2009
Hardriver22's Avatar


"We're to late, Captain"
Posted 06:20 on 01 October 2009
79383's Avatar


I don't know what you guys had or did to that tree but it sure is glowing
Posted 02:09 on 01 October 2009
blackdue5's Avatar


Ensign: "Captin I found where they make Royal Crown"

Captin: "Then why are you standing around for, get me some!"
Posted 00:12 on 01 October 2009
lumpking69's Avatar


told ja this tree was weird....
Posted 22:10 on 30 September 2009
pjrod's Avatar


SHHHH...beeee.. wheavyyyy...quiet.....we...hunting...for ..wabbits...hehe
Posted 21:21 on 30 September 2009
PrimeDirector's Avatar


Star Trek Online: is IT in you?
Posted 20:25 on 30 September 2009
SeamusOBrienn's Avatar


After consulting with the Guardian of Last Thursday At 4:17pm, the crew finally discovered the identity of the thief who stole Lt. Tyler's bologna sandwich.
Posted 18:10 on 30 September 2009


anyone for a badly choreographed fight on those rocks?
Posted 17:35 on 30 September 2009
Norhteb's Avatar


Um, anyone seen Rogers?
Posted 15:41 on 30 September 2009
darkane8's Avatar


who would but a tree here
Posted 14:00 on 30 September 2009
Exmortus's Avatar


Redshirt: I can set it on fire and jump with the ARGO through it! Why are you looking at me like that?
Posted 11:07 on 30 September 2009
Totalus's Avatar


Wait everybody listen!!! Is that the ice cream truck??
Posted 09:42 on 30 September 2009
CandymanCD's Avatar


I told you we should not take the "Purple Palm" route! Are you even using your Tricorder? Would you please stop and ask a Tribble which way to go!?!
Posted 08:28 on 30 September 2009

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