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F2P Star Trek Online will give more options to Klingons

With the recent announcement that MMO Star Trek Online would be going free-to-play, Cryptic Studios' Dan Stahl has stated the new model will introduce more content that will help Klingon players to be "on par" with Federation players.

Publish date Sep 13 2011

Star Trek Online to go F2P this year

Perfect World Entertainment has announced plans to turn Star Trek Online into a free-to-play MMO by the end of the year.

Publish date Sep 1 2011

Star Trek Online new content incoming

New in-game content for the MMO Star Trek Online is on its way, according to the game's executive producer Dan Stahl.

Publish date Aug 12 2011

Free 60 days in Star Trek Online now available

Cryptic Studios and Alienware Arena are offering a Star Trek Online Giveaway which gives recipients 60 days of game time in the MMO.

Publish date Aug 3 2011

User generated content coming to Star Trek Online

The Foundry update brings developer level authoring tools.

Publish date Apr 1 2011

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