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Crysis Warhead screenshot

The PC gamer market is in "tatters", PC gaming legend Peter Molyneux has said.

Speaking in a wide ranging interview with, the second part of which is due to be published tomorrow, the Lionhead boss said that apart from "high points" like Crysis and certain Blizzard titles, gamers are restricted to The Sims and World of Warcraft.

He said: "If you look at the gamer market on PC, I'll be quite honest with you, it's in tatters. There aren't that many releases on PC. There are some high points like Crysis and what Blizzard is doing, but other than that you are restricted to The Sims and World of Warcraft, they seem to be dominating the PC side."

Molyneux was speaking on the subject of restrictions put in place in recent high profile PC games, like Spore, that limit the number of PCs the title can be authorised on. Currently EA has set that limit to three, although it has announced it intends to increase that amount in the future.

Molyneux, mastermind of upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive RPG Fable II, said that he understood EA's position, but personally "hates" any form of copy protection.

"I would say while me as a player hates any restrictions, I can understand that publishers need to do something to give them the confidence to make games for the PC, to spend the huge amounts of money necessary to spend on development and to get their return," he said. "Anything that may give them more confidence on the PC means that ultimately we as gamers will come out better off because they will invest more in the game.

"I don't think three (Spore PC authorisations per game) sounds that bad. I'd prefer it not to be there but if it is going to be there then I think three is OK, but I can understand people being very upset. Personally I hate any copy protection. I hate typing in that number. I loathe it as a gamer. It just makes me feel insulted. And I always lose the blasted manual anyway. So if we can get away from that password protected side which is a waste of time then that would be great."

You can check out the first part of our mammoth interview with Peter Molyneux right here. Be sure to check the site tomorrow for the second part.

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Woffls's Avatar


DRM is a big problem. Sure we shouldn't be downloading these games, but when the copy you PAY for has disadvantes over one you DON'T pay for.... they wont get any customers that way.

I wrote about it here

The way around it...
1) Drop ALL DRM entirely OR implement GFW distribution platform. Valve managed it 4 years ago.
2) Make the retail versions worth buying - art books, maps, keyrings and more cool stuff. Charge more for it, the games are still cheaper than console games at £30.
Posted 02:06 on 27 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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pc gaming is dead! pc gaming is in tatters!!!! pc gaming has drm loss sales! game devs like ubisoft, lucas arts,epic games and others treating pc gamers like garbage, loss of pc games sales. Lack of high qauility games for pc gamers loss of sales.

people take a good look at ubisoft sales and EA's

ubisoft still made about of money off of pc gamers and they treat us like garbage!!!! I am sure they would have done better like EA did with pc gamers! add DRM bite on that too! I am sure EA could have made more money!

any way i have no respect for ubisoft!
Posted 01:36 on 27 October 2008
thomas's Avatar
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I believe the the pc market is weaker in the uk compared to some other countries maybe due to the fact most are clueless and buy their pc's from pcworld.
Posted 14:49 on 24 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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one last link this how far pc gaming is compared to consoles!!!
Posted 15:17 on 07 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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correction this can clearly be seen from games like spore, project offset, crysis, guildwars 2,total war,sin of the solar empire, witcher

inde game devs are starting to fill in and take over where old big game devs use to be dominate. In fact smaller companies are putting the bigger companies to shame on the pc. Like for exmaple crysis, project offset and sins of the solar empire.

new companies have taken the place of older game devs as well!
Posted 14:52 on 07 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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here is a linnk with some facts talking games going multi plat. game devs make more money that way. However because pc gaming gets better every year I feel that pc gaming will get too high tech for there to be mulit plat games.

this can clearly be seen by intels project offset
Posted 05:05 on 07 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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By the way since there is piracy on all gaming machines! why is there no drm on console games too! just like there is drm on pc games. big companies want to destory the greatest plat form in the world. That is why they have to lie about pc gameing death every year!
Posted 04:52 on 07 October 2008
Silent Cypher's Avatar
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Silent Cypher

Perhaps Molyneux can stop worrying about the market being in tatters, and redeem his Fable 2 Collectors edition, which IS actually in tatters...
Posted 23:11 on 05 October 2008
dreamhunk's Avatar
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there is pircay on all gaming machines has anyone checked out the ds

it’s just that pc gets pick on by big companies.

here are links to prove it.

If you look pc gaming has the must games made for it
It's just that must game devs go multi plat because of cost. If any thing it's console gaming that might be in trouble just take a good listen from the info from this link.

E3 was pretty much dead this because of pc gaming. if pc gaming ever died the gaming it self would die. There is more big companies that support pcgaming than console gaming. If any thing hardware companies would turn on console. they don't make moeny on old pc.
Posted 06:04 on 03 October 2008
CG T's Avatar
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I mean you can say that piracy is a problem, but at the same time I think it could be said that inovation on the pc is the real problem. I'm sick of playing console ports that are dumbed down for consoles and poorly ported to PC. Everybody raves about how good Bioshock was, but all I saw was an extremely watered down version of system shock. I mean its like the developers of that game thought that menus are evil or something.

What I miss is the amount of inovation we used to see on the PC. You bought a gaming pc before, because you knew that you would be playing games that you never played before. You would be able to play games that required thought, rather than console ports developed for people with IQ's of 80.

Hopefully some of the big companies releasing sequel after sequel will leave the pc market and this will open up some space for new up and coming companies that will release titles which actually have some innovation and interesting game play.
Posted 05:15 on 03 October 2008
CharmngCharlie's Avatar
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I see so the fact there are in total 22 games being released on the PC in the month of October doesn't in any way show that Molyneux no longer has a clue about the PC market. I really think console developers should shut up they just embarrass themselves when they try and comment on a market they know nothing about.
Posted 16:30 on 02 October 2008
Iain_McC's Avatar


Oh, Peter, *Peter*... Would you please put your brain in gear before flapping your mouth off? You think he would have learned by now.

The PC market isn't in tatters, it's evolving in a way that's very different to the past model that's been prevalent for the last 10 or 15 years. You've got the EA, big-budget, DRM camp who want to shovel out two dozen huge blockbuster titles each year in the retail sector, and the DRM-free indie camp who are using digital distribution models like Steam and Impulse to ship titles with minimal (or no) DRM direct to their customers. Molyneux has trapped himself in with the big business DRM camp, since he decided to take Microsoft's dollar and I don't think he actually understands the divergence in the market.

Still, I think he'll get the chance to when Fable II tanks in the charts, MS cut his studio loose and he has to rework Populous II for release on Steam so that he can afford to eat... What? Me, cynical? Never!
Posted 15:39 on 02 October 2008

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