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SiN Episodes: Emergence for PC

On: PCXbox 360PS3
SiN Episodes: Emergence

Long awaited sequal to the First Person game SiN. Score:


Our Verdict: The success of the SiN series as a whole is riding on this first episode, but other than being a fun shooter, it does nothing to hook the player.

Latest Articles for SiN Episodes: Emergence

SiN Episodes on hold but not canned

Ritual Entertainment co-founder Richard Gray has revealed that work on Sin Episodes has been postponed.

Publish date Jan 30 2007

MumboJumbo in Ritual takeover

MumboJumbo, a developer of casual games, has announced it has acquired Ritual Entertainment.

Publish date Jan 25 2007

SiN Episodes: Emergence takes price cut

Ritual has cut the price of SiN Episodes: Emergence, making the Steam powered release only $14.95.

2 Publish date Aug 11 2006

SiN Episodes updated with new maps

Ritual has released a new update for SiN Episodes: Emergence, containing three new Arena Mode maps, plus some game fixes.

1 Publish date Jul 19 2006

New Arena mode added to Sin

Ritual has released a new update for Sin Episodes: Emergence, adding a new single-player mode called Arena.

Publish date Jun 28 2006

Ritual on SiN for next-gen consoles

Tom Mustaine, VP of development at Ritual, has confirmed that SiN is on the way to Xbox 360, with PS3 version a possibility.

Publish date May 23 2006

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SiN Episodes: Emergence takes price cut in Article Comments

Exnor's Avatar

Yeah, welcome price cut indeed - and the game is hardly that old at all.

by Exnor

Game Stats

System Requirements
Release Date: 26/05/2006
Developer: Ritual
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: First Person Shooter
No. Players: One
Rating: BBFC 18
Site Rank: 4,112 33
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