The Sims 2 screenshot
The Sims 2 screenshot

The Sims 3 will be released in the twelve month period beginning April 2008, and while a PC release is a certainty, platform details are currently unknown. It's also been announced that there will be a new The Sims game coming to the Wii, plus a special The Sims 2 game for PS3, but exact release dates haven't been confirmed.

"There is a Sims title that is being specifically developed for the Wii platform," said EA chief financial officer Warren Jenson during a post-earnings conference call. Jenson also mentioned The Sims II holiday edition for PS3, which is said to arrive either in the 2006 or 2007 holiday season. The latter seems most likely, seeing as no one had heard about the game until now.

The Xbox 360 was strangely absent from EA's The Sims murmurings, but it would be a huge surprise if the console didn't see the franchise at some point in the future.

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i like the sims 2 the best. i dont really play sims 1 any more but i play the sims 2 all the time!!!
Posted 02:52 on 25 July 2007
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i cant wait for the third sims i must admit i prefer to play it on my playstation2 but i just wish there was as many items on the console version.
and im pretty sure it will be absolutley awesome on the ps3
Posted 10:38 on 22 January 2007
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Some Girl@ SIMS4EVA

da sims is da best n i cant wait 4 da sims 3 to cum out but will it really b a good thing? i mean, i used 2 play da sims1 all da time b4 da sims 2 came out but i havnt played da sims1 since. Wen da sims 3 cums out will da sims2 b 4gotten?
Posted 17:34 on 20 November 2006
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degraydog104@ SIMS4EVA

can your pets have kittens or puppies in the game for ps2?
Posted 03:19 on 14 November 2006
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The Sims 2 pets was my most favourite sims game. The Sims are the greatest games i have played. Showing the life of a sim. Playing a Sim and the life of a sim is so fun! Like the sims2 pets, you get to have a pet and playwith them. Althought they cause havoc, its really cool how you can walk around with them and playing with them. This so beats nintendogs. I love the sims so much. When the sims 3 comes out, can you make some funny parts and a fun and adventurous life of a Sim! But for now, I love the Sims 2 Pets!

Posted 09:13 on 10 November 2006

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