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SimCity Offline mode update releasing now

Play the server-based city sim without servers.

2 Publish date Mar 18

SimCity offline mode took Maxis over 6 months to make work

Stands by initial statement that the offline mode wouldn't be possible "without a significant amount of engineering work".

3 Publish date Jan 15

SimCity will go offline with Update 10

All content will be available at anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection.

3 Publish date Jan 13

2013's biggest disappointments

2013 was an amazing year for games, but still contained its fair share of letdowns. Here are the worst offenders.

6 Publish date Dec 22

Will the next-generation eradicate online launch dilemmas?

With the likes of GTA 5, SimCity and Final Fantasy XIV all struggling during the launch of their online offerings, will the next-generation of consoles be able to ensure that failing servers are a thing of the past?

2 Publish date Oct 9

Maxis exploring offline mode for SimCity

Would like to give players the option to play even when offline.

Publish date Oct 4

Lucy Bradshaw promoted from Maxis general manager to EA senior vice president

Came into public eye during the problematic SimCity launch.

4 Publish date Oct 3

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow expansion confirmed for November 15 release

Use new technologies set 50 years into the future.

Publish date Sep 20

SimCity hits Mac on August 29

Release date confirmed for Mac port of Maxis' city-builder.

2 Publish date Aug 5 2013

SimCity 'offline mode' may be coming, survey suggests

Terraforming, subways and bigger cities all possibilities.

3 Publish date Jul 3 2013

SimCity Update 5 patch notes released - Mac game delayed

Focuses on improvements to multiplayer and multi-city play.

Publish date Jun 7 2013

Game Stats

Release Date: 08/03/2013
Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Simulation
No. Players: 1 + Online
Rating: PEGI 7+
Site Rank: 124 1
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