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Second Sight Review for PC

On: PCCube

Take on the role of John Vattic as you attempt to uncover why he wakes up in a guarded medical facility.

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He's got more than a headache
He's got more than a headache

He's got more than a headache

Heavily bandaged, groggy and bewildered, you step from the elevator. The cold white floor contrasts with the pinky flesh of your naked torso. A guard, the kind you get in Bond movies and Metal Gear games, immediately greets you. Aiming his gun at your bald, plastered head, he barks orders while you attempt to calm him.

This guard is the last thing you wanted. About half an hour ago you awoke in a medical facility with no memory of who you are and a stinking headache. You discovered you have psychic powers, specifically telekinesis, and can move objects, fry computers and make clocks go insane. Basically, things are not how they should be.

Suddenly a pain strikes your head, like some crazed mythical dwarf intent on mining a precious ore from your brain. It grows more intense and you buckle, head in hands. The guard is threatening to shoot if you don't stop it.

Then, inexplicably, some kind of sphere, like a fabric in space, rockets across the room and into the guard. He flies backwards, over the terminal he was sitting next to and lands head first on that same cold white floor you first stepped onto minutes before.

Sniping is handled very well

Sniping is handled very well

Blood oozes from his head. He is dead and you cannot believe it. Not only that, but you cannot believe what you have just done.

You have just learned the Psi Pulse Attack.

Unmistakably Free Radical Design, Second Sight is a kind of Metal Gear Solid 2/Scanners hybrid. Anyone who has played Timesplitters will recognise the stark character models, expressive facial movements, stark environment designs and over the top voice acting. What they won't recognise is the refreshingly gripping techno-thriller storyline, driven by a human narrative, delivered with surprising emotion from the first person - Dr John Vattic.

Much has been said of Second Sight's storyline. It is so refined that, to my mind, it is probably the finest recent example of a story being delivered in a game rather than wrapped around it.

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Second Sight
Out of 10
Second Sight
  • Snipy Sniperson!
  • Gripping story well delivered
  • 90s rave camera
  • Stealth is a chore
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Release Date: 09/03/2005
Platforms: PC , Cube
Developer: Free Radical Design
Publisher: Codemasters
Genre: Adventure
No. Players: One
Rating: PEGI 16+
Site Rank: 6,583 88
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