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RuneScape for PC

On: PC

A free-to-play MMO from Jagez.


RuneScape 3 has officially launched

Marks the beginning of the Battle of Lumbridge.

Publish date Jul 23 2013

RuneScape reaches 200 million player accounts

443 billion minutes of game time since the game launched in 2001.

Publish date Jul 20 2012

RuneScape begins microtransaction experiment

RuneScape's recently implemented Squeal of Fortune minigame will give users the chance to purchase more turns at the wheel.

Publish date Apr 3 2012

RuneScape: Squeal of Fortune launches

The latest minigame to be added to long-running MMO RuneScape has been revealed.

Publish date Feb 28 2012

RuneScape theft now a real-world crime

Two thieves held a RuneScape player at knifepoint in order to steal virtual items from his account, an act of theft that the Dutch Supreme Court believes warrants 144 hours community service.

1 Publish date Feb 1 2012

RuneScape increasing subscription prices in February

RuneScape developer Jagex has increased the monthly fee for its membership service, however old users will still remain on the lower price model.

Publish date Jan 25 2012

RuneScape developer vanquishes bots in court battle

Jagex has officially won its court battle against bot developer Impulse Software.

Publish date Jan 24 2012

RuneScape developer becomes US-owned company

Cambridge-based studio Jagex is now owned by New York-based Insight Venture Partners.

Publish date Jan 10 2012

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