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Rogue Legacy

Castlevania meets Spelunky in this "rogue-lite" action/adventure game.

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The changing face of death in video games article article

The changing face of death in video games

Video games are growing evermore sophisticated, so why is the approach to digital death so antiquated? John Robertson looks at how some developers are ushering in new beginnings for the ultimate end.

2 Publish date Posted Mar 15

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The changing face of death in video games in Article Comments

Syme's Avatar

I was thinking that an other solution to deaths that could work for some games would be to offer a mode where you can't die. So once you're under a certain amount of health the computer takes...

by Syme

Rogue Legacy: Extended Play in Article Comments

VG_Staff's Avatar

You don't know what "rogue-lite" means? Yikes! You better watch this video and catch up with your gaming lingo before anybody notices!

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Release Date: 27/06/2013
Developer: Cellar Door Games
Genre: Adventure
Rating: TBC
Site Rank: 1,265 44
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