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Trion may consider porting Rift to PS4 & Xbox One

MMO dev won't rule out possibilities of next-gen launch.

Publish date Jul 15 2013

Rift is going free-to-play on June 12

Experience the entire game world, plus full access to current and future updates at no cost.

Publish date May 14 2013

RIFT: Storm Legion pre-purchase bonus available on Steam

Expansion to the popular MMO to be released November 13.

Publish date Oct 16 2012

Rift Storm Legion expansion release date set for November 13

Will launch simultaneously in North America and Europe, confirms Trion.

Publish date Sep 5 2012

Rift: Conquest – update 1.9 is now available

The main addition is a new PvP system that lets players join one of three Ascended factions.

Publish date Jun 28 2012

Rift: Conquest will be released next week

Rift: Conquest, the ninth update to the hit MMO, will launch next week, Trion has announced.

Publish date Jun 21 2012

Rift: Storm Legion expansion confirmed for autumn release

This fall players of Trion World's MMO Rift will face off against the dragon lord Crucia and her army of enchanted follows in Rift: Storm Legion, the game's first expansion pack.

Publish date Jun 1 2012

RIFT: Infernal Dawn hits next week

RIFT's upcoming content patch includes a new 20-man raid, amongst other updates.

Publish date Apr 12 2012

RIFT brings changes to queued reward system

Trion Worlds is changing the old system of reward queuing in the next patch.

Publish date Apr 12 2012

RIFT: Numbers prove 'new trial works'

Ever since RIFT included its unlimited trial, it's proven to be a success for the game's numbers, according to marketing executive Jim Butler.

Publish date Apr 2 2012

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