A lot of bad things go on in the world today, and the media is always looking for a scapegoat. Once upon a time it was film, then it was music, and now it's our beloved video games. Politicians and certain ill-educated members of the media will blame video games for anything they can, be it murder, rape or even seemingly unrelated diseases such as rickets. The list that follows is 10 of the most controversial games of all time, and the reasons they whipped up such a storm.

Mortal Kombat – SNES, Mega Drive

Before the processing power of the PSone and N64, violent video games were a rare breed. In this respect, you could consider Mortal Kombat a pioneer of video game violence. It featured realistic character models, devastating 'finisher' moves, and more blood than a slaughter house. It's widely accepted that the controversy surrounding the launch of the game was what prompted the formation of the ESRB.

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dedsetmad@ rbevanx

Oooh yeah.....my type of girl in my type of environment.....lovely
Posted 22:29 on 10 May 2010
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Many gamers out there seem to miss the point being made by critics of these "rape games" etc.. I do not hear critics saying that any game, per se, will cause violent acting out. What I hear is regarding the constant reinforcement and implied approval of a criminally negative mindset...especially when this mindset is held by a pimply adolescent with an undeveloped brain and minimal parental supervision or care. There you have a recipe for grief..........
Posted 22:26 on 10 May 2010

pblive@ RecoN

Indeed. Still have a copy of Thrill Kill somewhere, not sure it works though. They used the engine to create a near identical game based on Wu Tang Clan but without all the dodgy bits.
Posted 20:18 on 06 May 2010
Bloodstorm's Avatar


If you remember, Conker had the "stop the frenchies" mini-game on the N64 version.
Posted 18:44 on 06 May 2010
RecoN's Avatar


What about Thrill Kill? That got banned. Good game though :)
Posted 18:24 on 06 May 2010
rbevanx's Avatar


Very suprised Hooligans and Snatcher weren't on the list. Conkers Bad fur day was another one and had a dodgy american advert.

YouTube Video
Posted 17:32 on 06 May 2010
Get2DaChoppa's Avatar

Get2DaChoppa@ draytone

Never saw the Sly version, but saw the Jason Statham one, pretty bad to be honest.
Posted 15:28 on 06 May 2010
dazzadavie's Avatar

dazzadavie@ draytone

Death Race 3000, yeah what a terrible film, worth a watch though as its funny in a bad way.
Posted 15:15 on 06 May 2010
draytone's Avatar

draytone@ Get2DaChoppa

I bet more accidents have been caused from felatio at the wheel than as a direct result of having played this game...take your pick.
I'm waiting for a YouGov poll on this one.

Has anyone seen the film with Sylvester Stallone?
Posted 14:58 on 06 May 2010
Get2DaChoppa's Avatar


I remember when Carmaggedon came out, the amount of news coverage it got was ridiculous, all over a game where you race from A to B, mowing down innocent pedestrians in the name of fun, i mean come on. I bet more accidents have been caused from felatio at the wheel than as a direct result of having played this game...take your pick.
Posted 14:41 on 06 May 2010
Machetazo's Avatar


A little surprised that Rule of Rose didn't make the list, after UK retailers refused to sell it, despite it having passed the censor's scrutiny. Also, the choices strike me as a little unadventurous, though there are a few lesser-known items here.
Posted 12:50 on 06 May 2010


The Daily Mail would have us all playing ;little flower girl 2' if they had their way (sponsored by xxx dating direct adverts)
Posted 12:14 on 06 May 2010
mrgarrettscott's Avatar


A good article. As Indiana Jones said, "Nothing shocks me, I'm a scientist."
Posted 10:25 on 06 May 2010
Ghost_Dog's Avatar

Ghost_Dog@ altaranga

I have always found Rapelay to be particularly distasteful.

I also have not played it, and I don't want to.
Posted 10:10 on 06 May 2010
dazzadavie's Avatar


Carmageddon, that was a great game.
Posted 08:47 on 06 May 2010

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