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Blowing stuff up is the name of the game
Blowing stuff up is the name of the game

Blowing stuff up is the name of the game

There are certain things that some games excel at. GTA has some of the best characters in any video game we've ever played, Saints Row has its tongue firmly in cheek for its duration, Gears of War made cover systems cool, and well, Red Faction Guerrilla lets you blow stuff up. It might seem rather odd to focus this preview on something so simple and barbaric, but turning massive buildings into piles of rubble in THQ's and Volition's open-world Mars adventure is what's going to catch your attention when it's released in June. This is destruction like you've never seen before.

That's really quite a hyperbolic statement to make in the opening paragraph of a preview for a game that we've still only scratched the surface of, but until you actually get to plant a group of timed grenades around a structure and detonate them in unison to topple a tower, or simply smash through a wall with a hammer and witness the brick fall away in the place it was struck, it's hard to appreciate just what Volition has achieved here. We were a little concerned that previous Red Faction trademark GeoMod ground deformation was absent here (so you can't tunnel any more), but we've been so busy experimenting with the game's superb physics model that it rarely became more than slight irk.

Although we've seen and played the game numerous times over the last year or so, this is the first time we've been able to take the time to see what Guerrilla is really about. As we've mentioned before and you're probably now bored of reading about, this third game in the Red Faction series casts you as Alec Mason, a man who joins rebel group Red Faction after his brother is murdered by the Earth Defense Force (EDF). This shady organisation has been kidnapping civilians and setting them to work in camps, so Mason sets out to liberate the people and recruit new Red Faction soldiers along the way.

Visually it's the best looking game Volition has ever created

Visually it's the best looking game Volition has ever created

As with Volition's previous title Saints Row, Guerrilla is set in a large, open to explore expanse of land, although Mars isn't quite as densely populated. This play area is split into sectors, with each sector containing missions that must be completed in order to liberate that area. The rebels don't have the money or resources that the EDF has, so they make do with scrap called salvage. The cause has skilled engineers that can use this scrap metal to create new weapons and other technology, so effectively it becomes a kind of currency for Mason. As well as being able to gather up this salvage from destroyed buildings, completed missions reward you with a little extra to spend in your safe house.

Joining these key missions are plenty of secondary tasks and challenges that will reward you in various ways. By destroying EDF buildings you can get more control in a sector, especially if you manage to take down the key buildings that are marked on the map (which includes a GPS-like system that works in a similar way to what can be found in Saints Row, with added on-road arrows). Doing tasks like this helps your side's overall morale, which in turn increases the amount of salvage you receive in the sector.

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User Comments

jakeistheman's Avatar


loved the demo but im broke so i guess ill just have to wait.
Posted 02:39 on 09 May 2009
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I got Red Faction, Sacred 2 and Star Ocean: The Last Hope down as all coming out on June 5th in the UK, so an expensive week for me and enough gameplay in those 3 titles combined to keep me busy until Christmas.
Posted 15:22 on 08 May 2009
rico_rico's Avatar


it's to simple can't wait
Posted 13:34 on 08 May 2009
altaranga's Avatar


Red Faction or Wolverine? No contest.

I enjoyed the demo and now the review. I can't wait until June 5th.
Posted 12:32 on 08 May 2009
guyderman's Avatar


Just when I thought I couldn't be looking forward to it anymore - you prove me wrong! - I simply can't wait to play this game!
Posted 12:27 on 08 May 2009
Wido's Avatar


I really enjoyed the Red Fraction demo and I still go on it. Obviously destruction is the main feature for Red Fraction and from my own experience playing it. The destruction really works well and has really impressed me, as Battlefield: Bad Company have the same amount of carnage. Red Fraction seems to be the winner in my eyes for destruction.

You mentioned challenges... I like on how you have limit time to go to that area throw a couple of satchets onto the building run away as fast as you can, and then sit on top of a hill and blow it up. Has to be a winner on all fronts there.

I have an idea about that feature... Maybe online challenges, like time trial and etc. I think that would really work with different gamemodes via online.

Nice preview Tom, it was a good read.
Posted 11:41 on 08 May 2009

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Release Date: 05/06/2009
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