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Biology Battle screenshot
Biology Battle screenshot

Tom Orry, Editor - Biology Battle, Xbox 360 (Community Game)
To be honest I haven't been impressed by many of the Xbox LIVE Community Games released to date. The pricing is often a problem for me, with the games often costing the same as a more professionally produced Xbox LIVE Arcade title. One game that manages to elevate itself above the rest of the titles is Biology Battle. It's pretty clear that the game owes a lot to Geometry Wars, but some impressive visuals and a unique gameplay mechanic make it more than just a straightforward copy. The problem it faces is that it costs 800 MS Points - the same price as Bizarre's brilliant Geometry Wars 2. As impressed as I am with the game, I'd choose Geometry Wars every time.

Street Fighter IV screenshot

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Street Fighter 4, PS3
Something special happened this week. A preview build of the console version of Street Fighter 4 arrived. I was very, very excited, so much so that Neon whipped out his phone and started taking pictures of me ripping out the disc from its plastic sleeve like a kid tearing the wrapping paper off a Wii on Christmas morning. I've not stopped playing it (except to go to the toilet and eat home made cookies). It's brilliant, of course, just as it was in the arcade when I played it in Tokyo a few months ago, or at Battle of Destiny in London, or at Leipzig Games Convention in Germany. But it's a different sort of pleasure this time. Playing it at home, playing it at the office, playing it with a d-pad and not a fighting stick, it's somehow made the game feel more like a real thing that's actually going to have a massive impact when it's released in February 2009. Special. Very, very, special.

Braid screenshot

Neon Kelly, Previews Editor - Braid, Xbox Live Arcade
Braid is one of those games that tends to divide people. Bring it up in conversation with someone and they'll either start sneering, or else they'll start to dribble as they rush to vomit superlatives all over you. In other words, it's a bit of a Marmite game - largely because it goes out of its way to be different. Braid has aspirations, and some people don't like that. Personally, I do - but it still took a while before I really got into it. Braid truly "clicked" for me somewhere around the start of last week, and I finally finished it two nights ago. I'm now left with a mixture of feelings: I'm genuinely proud of the fact that I got through the whole thing and only cheated once ("Crossing the Gap" was too obscure for me), but I'm also quite sad because I probably won't ever play it again. With hindsight, I'm comfortable in saying its one of the most interesting games I've played all year. Some of the puzzles are out-of-this-world in the way they screw with your brain, and as for the plot... Well, it's pretty confused - but it's also trying to do something genuinely bold and inspiring. I'm not entirely convinced it pulls everything off, but one thing's for certain: I'll be keeping a close eye on what Jonathan Blow does next.

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User Comments

dammu's Avatar


wot da hell i hve nutink beter 2 do on christmas then go on da net
Posted 07:52 on 25 December 2008
Fuzzynutz's Avatar


opps thats (land of the pharaoh) i should really learn how to read lol
Posted 20:31 on 24 December 2008
Fuzzynutz's Avatar


I'm still playing resistance 2 have play between work and other commitments plus im making my own levels on little big planet you should check out my first one thats on-line its called (land of the pharo), Let me know what you think merry christmas to all you game players out there.
Posted 20:29 on 24 December 2008
xboxlive's Avatar


this week i have been playing:
.gears of war 2
.Mirror's Edge
.and a bit of the new 007 game.
Posted 11:14 on 22 December 2008
Scabby_Sid's Avatar


i've been playing WoW heavily :p druid is now in full heroic gear and refer-a-friend shaman is now up to 27 and i've also been revisiting GH3, playing through the career mode on expert and playing the harder songs on hard, glad i shelled out some points for the dragonforce pack :D
Posted 12:09 on 21 December 2008
Jarus's Avatar
Delete Post


Played through Resistance 2 again and picked up the last few trophies I might have a crack at Co-op now I've got rid of this bloody cold
Posted 20:35 on 20 December 2008
Wido's Avatar


Been playing The Last Remnant very good game and I cannot put the 360 controller down at all. Like FM said about the game being 'balanced' and it is really, when you have the chance to go off and do some side quests. I go off and do a couple of them and of course just killing monsters or bandits for pure fun, and of course getting each characters stats up for becoming more powerful and etc.
Posted 18:30 on 20 December 2008
bencrosaby's Avatar


I'm on Advance Wars: Dark Conflict and really enjoying it. The controls and combat are sweet and intuitive, the sheer amount of game modes is great and the atmosphere while you're playing it is immense. There's loads of different types of weapons, terrain, vehicles, planes etc. all to please yourself while you're in an epic battle. All for £8.

There are a few minor gripes about it though. The dialogue for most of the story is horrendous. srsly. I sit there waving through reams of text (though not as much as an RPG) while they moan and say how theres hope for mankind. Sometimes you just want to tell them to STFU and get to the point. "Oh, my head hurts".... "Really?".... "Yes, my head hurts" ..... "Why does your head hurt?" .... etc. I could be exaggerating though by using that as an example. Secondly, it's quite hard to get into. The early levels are really easy (and they should be tbh) but I think they throw too much at you at once to begin with.

£8 for christs sake!!
Posted 18:09 on 20 December 2008
FantasyMeister's Avatar


For me it's The Last Remnant (heavily into week 3 now). I've decided that the thing I like it most is that it's 'balanced'. Bit of grinding here, bit of crafting there, enough distractions to keep me immersed and an overwhelming variety of things to keep track of, each of these things impacts on the others and just as you get to grips with them they throw some more at you, which is what I like in my RPGs. It's now my best. RPG. ever.

Shame they didn't call it Final Fantasy XII-2, it would have sold more.
Posted 17:52 on 20 December 2008

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