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Plants vs. Zombies pits you against legions of invading zombies bent on overwhelming your lawn and making their way to your front door. Score:


Our Verdict: With 50 levels, numerous unlockable modes that extend the lifespan significantly, stupidly addictive gameplay and fun-infused presentation you'd be a fool to pass up Plants Vs Zombies.

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You spin me right round, baby, right round... like a record baby, right round, right round.

1 Publish date Aug 2

PopCap Games suffers layoffs

Painful to lose staff, but necessary for the future of the studio, says PopCap boss John Vechey.

1 Publish date Mar 14

The Week in Review: GTA 5 screenshots edition

The Week in Review is a weekend feature which casts a gaze over the week which has just been, hoping to point your eyes in the direction of news, features, videos and reviews which I deem to be worthy of your precious time.

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PopCap lays off 50 staff

Firm believes layoffs would have been worse if it didn't have EA behind it.

Publish date Aug 22 2012

Plants vs. Zombies sequel confirmed for release in spring 2013

Details scarce, but a bevy of new features, settings and situations are promised.

3 Publish date Aug 20 2012

Plants vs Zombies multiplayer shooter in the works?

The next instalment of the hugely popular tower defense Plants vs Zombies could be a multiplayer shooter inspired by Team Fortress 2.

3 Publish date Aug 9 2012

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Woodfella's Avatar

Brett trust me fella that boss is bobbins whether or not you're a beast. Terrible. Although the throne watcher and defender was cool. I took my time to complete it, about 70+ hours I've seen...

PopCap Games suffers layoffs in Article Comments

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"thanks for working your a** off to help us make this game what it is... now f*** off." I'm grateful for my job security even though I probably don't (yet) get paid as much as the...

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Release Date: 05/05/2009
Publisher: PopCap Games
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