Payday 2 screenshot
Payday 2 screenshot

The Payday 2 review embargo lifts today (8am to be precise) but as you can see, this news post is live instead of a review.

As was told there would be a 'day one update' - but got mixed replies back when trying to see how significant it was - we've decided to hold off for 24 hours to ensure we're reviewing the correct version of the game. After all, why slap a score on something that's going to be fundamentally different when you, the reader that is, play it?

We hope you understand, and please look for our review tomorrow.

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Or 7/10 on the old Jamin scale.
Posted 15:15 on 13 August 2013
squidman's Avatar


Posted 14:44 on 13 August 2013


Isn't there something between a preview and a review that you can use? Do we need to keep to set definitions?
Posted 14:37 on 13 August 2013
tvr77's Avatar


That's fair enough. The patched game is the one we will all be playing so your review will be more on point, good decision. I agree with catterick too about shorter reviews.
Posted 14:12 on 13 August 2013
Catterick's Avatar


Having just skimmed through the rather lengthy Kotaku review, I don't think they actually mentioned anything about a day 1 patch. I like that you guys do this. Also makes me realise how much I like shorter reviews.
Posted 08:59 on 13 August 2013

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