Payday 2 screenshot
Payday 2 screenshot

Payday 2 is already turning a profit, despite the game still being a week away from going on sale, Starbreeze has announced.

"Today Starbreeze has once again demonstrated that our strategy of focusing on our own properties is correct," CEO Bo Andersson-Klint wrote in Swedish. "Not only have we managed to deliver a desirable product in Payday 2 but also executed a promotion that few companies of our size can."

He added: "We now look forward to the royalty income that can secure the company's development of its own IP in the future. That Payday 2 generates revenue for the company six days before the release is of course very unusual for games of this size and strengthens the long-term nature of our strategy."

Payday 2 will be released August 13 on Steam, and in stores on August 16 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: Gamechup

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KamSage@ vivster

I think GTA trumps it in all those sorts of areas, where generally your main objective is committing crimes to make a profit and become the big cheese of the city's criminal underbelly. And you can randomly kill hookers to get your money back.

And there are plenty of games that are massively controversial that fall under the radar, and mainly the triple A titles with big advertising will get that sort of attention if their controversial.
Posted 23:02 on 08 August 2013
vivster's Avatar


This game does well not promoting itself as big as other games do.
It's a pretty controversial game and even despite the fairly low popularity I'm surprised that it didn't get much heat because of its content.
You go around, commit crimes and shoot cops and civilians. Sure other games do that too but here it's the main objective of the game. Other games got pulled entirely for less controversial content.
Posted 13:30 on 08 August 2013
Endless's Avatar


Royalties? What are they getting royalties for? Advertising/product placement?
Posted 13:28 on 08 August 2013

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