Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Downloads for PC

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Overwatch DLC Patch

This patch installs the Overwatch DLC expansion to the retail box version of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising in addition to fixing a number of bug and gameplay issues.

Publish date Jan 27 2010

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Demo

The playable demo for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising allows gamers take on the first full mission, 'Dragon Rising', in single player or co-operative multiplayer.

Publish date Nov 18 2009

Skirmish DLC Patch

Includes the 'Skirmish Pack' DLC expansion and addresses a number of different gameplay issues.

Publish date Nov 6 2009

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising: Skirmish Pack DLC Trailer

A trailer for the new ‘Skirmish Pack’ DLC, featuring four new multiplayer maps and two new Fire Team Engagement (FTE) missions.

Publish date Nov 4 2009

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising: Launch Trailer

Begins UK manoeuvres on Friday 9th October.

Publish date Oct 6 2009

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising: Dev Diary: Look and Feel

Key development team members discuss just how far they’ve gone to ensure a real combat experience.

Publish date Oct 2 2009

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising: Eagle Offense Trailer

USMC forces battle their way into an airfield whilst a Chinese WZ-10 attack helicopter is spectacularly blown out of the sky.

Publish date Sep 24 2009

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising: Dev Diary: Fog of War

Key development team members elaborate on the technology and special effects used to create the game's stunning battlegrounds.

Publish date Sep 21 2009

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Release Date: 08/10/2009
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters
Genre: First Person Shooter
No. Players: 1-8
Rating: PEGI 18+
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