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Ninja-based action title.

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Ninja Blade is a crazy hack 'n' slash
Ninja Blade is a crazy hack 'n' slash

Ninja Blade is a crazy hack 'n' slash

It's unlikely you'll have ever played a game as bizarre as From Software's Ninja Blade. At one point in the game you grab onto a mid-air motorbike, land on top of a mid-air bus (both of which were sent flying after an angry giant worm ripped through the city), ride along said bus at speed, leap from the bike as it flies into the mouth of the giant city-eating worm, and then ignite the gas tank with an accurately thrown dart, causing a massive explosion big enough to take down the alien ship from Independence Day. This PC port of the one-time Xbox 360 exclusive has lost none of this insanity.

Before reading any further, we need to make something quite clear. If it isn't already blatantly obvious, you shouldn't play Ninja Blade with a mouse and keyboard. It's an option, but unless you own a gamepad (the 360 controllers do the job very well) or plan to invest in one, the game doesn't feel right. Assuming you use the aforementioned 360 pad, the game will change the on-screen prompts in the quick time events to match those on the controller - sadly the commands for using a keyboard are displayed at the same time. Annoying but not a fatal flaw.

Ninja Blade casts you as a member of an elite ninja unit, with the game opening as the entire team leaps parachute-less out of a plane in order to quickly get to the threat on the surface: a spreading worm virus that turns things into giant monsters (worms, crabs, bats, spiders, snakes, etc). After an initial series of fights that would more than cover the entire boss quota in your average game, you're betrayed and left to fight alone as the virus continues to spread and the insanity level threatens to spiral off the chart.

As an action game, similar to the likes of Ninja Gaiden and Bayonetta, Ninja Blade feels solid but somewhat lightweight. You can rely on a certain few moves far more often than you ought to be able to, and the right stick being mapped to the camera instead of dodge/roll makes combat feel less skilful. You can quick dodge by holding the right trigger, block using the left trigger and perform various combos, but on a pure "how does it feel to play?" level, it can't compete with those two giants.

This would be a problem if it was the crux of the game, but, strangely, it's not. Ninja Blade throws in plenty of Prince of Persia-style platforming too (wall running, pole vaulting and wall jumping), a small dose of puzzle solving and quick time events… lots and lots of quick time events. We've done no research to qualify the following statement, but Ninja Blade must have the most QTEs of any game ever released. Small, finisher-style QTEs pop up during general combat, but you'll be hitting buttons that correspond to those shown on-screen whenever the action gets a bit too mental, and to finish off the pesky giant bosses that are seemingly trying to eat the Earth.

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guyderman's Avatar


I enjoyed it on the 360 - not as good as the likes of Ninja Gaiden, DMC or God of War but it was still a solid game - a review score of 5 or 6 would suggest that the game was broken in some way - I didn't find that to be the case at all. Good fun and worth a look for anyone who enjoys a good hack n slash game!
Posted 11:20 on 11 February 2010
Packs21's Avatar


It deserves around 5 or 6. But 8? o_O

I think NB is one of the worst games in the genre for the last 3-4 years.
Posted 07:52 on 11 February 2010

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Ninja Blade
Out of 10
Ninja Blade
  • A real roller-coaster
  • Immensely fun
  • Some drab locations
  • QTEs will put off some players
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Release Date: 12/02/2009
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