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Star Wars Battlefront release date 'not directly tied' to Episode VII

But EA wants to launch as close as possible to next year's movie.

Publish date Today, 09:45am

DICE aiming for Star Wars Battlefront to be 'the best Star Wars game ever'

'The franchise deserves it', general manager says.

3 Publish date Thu 17

Star Wars: Battlefront will be at E3

DICE's Star Wars shooter to get another public showing next month.

Publish date May 7

The Biggest Games of 2014

With the new year fast approaching, let's have a look at the biggest – and potentially the best - games of 2014.

17 Publish date Jan 2

DICE talks Star Wars: Battlefront: 'People don’t want Battlefield with Star Wars graphics’

Developer still weighing up how best to tackle upcoming Star Wars reboot.

5 Publish date Aug 21

Star Wars: Battlefront set for release in summer 2015

One of a "whole new generation of Star Wars games" coming from EA.

8 Publish date Aug 1

DICE 'well into development' on Star Wars: Battlefront

Work on next-gen sci-fi shooter well underway at Battlefield developer.

2 Publish date Jul 23

DICE 'begged' EA to develop Star Wars: Battlefront

Different studio was almost given Battlefront dev duty, EA reveals.

7 Publish date Jun 24 2013

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