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An all-terrain arcade racing game with altitude.

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nail'd screenshot
nail'd screenshot

Things aren't helped by a fairly dull Tournament mode which takes far too long to get going. Progression through to new tracks seems to take ages, and without any real need to learn the early courses seeing new things is all that's keeping you going. There's also a series of stunt challenge events, but considering this aspect of Nail'd is by far the weakest, making an entire mode out seems a little misguided.

Upgrades can be made to your vehicle, unlocked as you play, but it's slightly confusing as the game doesn't let you know what has been unlocked and what items are new since your last visit to the upgrades menu. 12-player online racing is available and works well in the handful of events I was able to play. Although the game's been out for some time the PC servers aren't exactly buzzing with competitors at the moment.

On even a modest PC Nail'd looks very pretty, although the permanent fisheye lens type effect might put off some gamers. The environments are densely populated with trees, foliage and other items, while the frame rate was consistently smooth even on my ageing rig. The big leaps into the sky are Nail'd's crowning glory, with the glorious looking Mist track being my highlight, but these giant jumps alone don't make a good game. Crashes lack impact and your vehicle regularly rebounds off the environment in odd ways, while the black and white effect doesn't really enhance the sensation of speed at all.

The soundtrack is perfectly fitting, though, with tracks created especially for the game by members of a handful of metal bands - both instrumental and lyrical tracks, voiced by Wayne Static from Static X if you must know. These have been packaged alongside well-known tracks from the likes of Slipknot and Queens of the Stone Age, so you're never going to be wishing for more metal.

Nail'd impresses in its opening moments and is fun to hop into for a quick burst, but once you've seen a few of the sights you're left with a game that struggles to excite where it really matters. The vehicles don't have the required connection with the road, which ultimately makes for a shallow racing experience.

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Out of 10
  • Initially thrilling
  • Great views
  • Loses appeal quickly
  • Vehicles don't feel connected to the road
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Release Date: 04/02/2011
Platforms: PC , Xbox 360 , PS3
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Deep Silver
Genre: Racing
Rating: PEGI 12+
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