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Humble Introversion Bundle reaches $500,000 in sales news

Humble Introversion Bundle reaches $500,000 in sales

The Humble Introversion Bundle has reached more than $500,000 in sales, and is now offering charming roguelike Dungeons of Dredmor as a bonus.

Publish date Posted Nov 30 2011
Multiwinia demo out now news

Multiwinia demo out now

The multiplayer follow-up to Introversion's successful PC title is well worth a look.

Publish date Posted Sep 23 2008
Multiwinia pre-orders begin news

Multiwinia pre-orders begin

Play Introversion's next game ahead of the pack by pre-ordering on the official website.

Publish date Posted Aug 26 2008
Darwinia+ confirmed for XBLA news

Darwinia+ confirmed for XBLA

Will include Darwinia and Multiwinia.

Publish date Posted Mar 26 2008
Inside Introversion: A documentary news

Inside Introversion: A documentary

A look inside one of the UK's most successful indie developers.

Publish date Posted Jan 15 2008
Introversion making multiplayer Darwinia news

Introversion making multiplayer Darwinia

Introversion Software has announced they are working on Multiwinia, a multiplayer version of their hit title Darwinia.

Publish date Posted Feb 27 2007

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Release Date: 19/09/2008
Developer: Introversion
Publisher: Introversion
Genre: Real-time strategy
Rating: TBC
Site Rank: 7,884 110
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