Gran Turismo PSP screenshot
Gran Turismo PSP screenshot

Tom Orry, Editor - Racing games, multiple platforms
I've had a complete overload of racing games in the last week or so. First up was the excellent DIRT 2, then came the impressive PSP game MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and thrilling sim racer Need For Speed: Shift. And then, late in the week I got my hands on Gran Turismo for the PSP. It's been a tough week but someone's got to do it. I love racing games, but ever since I put hundreds of hours into GT3 on the PS2 I've struggled to get excited about the series. I can't give too much away on my thoughts about the highly anticipated PSP game, but I will say I've been playing it a lot. Make of that what you will and look for a review on Tuesday.

Halo 3: ODST screenshot

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor – Halo 3: ODST, Xbox 360
That's right. Not only have I played Halo 3: ODST, the hotly anticipated follow-up to 2007's Halo 3, but I've finished it. On Heroic. But I can't tell you what I think. Oh no. If I were to write even a single word relating to 'wot I fink', men dressed in black will kidnap me in my sleep, string me up in some nightmarish torture device and slowly poke me with red hot pins. In the eyes. So I won't. You'll have to wait until 5am on Sunday September 20 to discover the truth behind ODST. Set your alarms VideoGamers! 5am!

Halo 3 screenshot

James Orry, News Editor - Halo 3, Xbox 360
In preparation for the Halo 3 - VideoGamer Staff vs Forum night which took place on Thursday, I'd been putting in more practice than I'd ever done previously - one hour on Wednesday. Feeling fully prepared for battle I dusted off my Curious Orange gamertag and readied for an all out assault on a bunch of amateur gamers. After a warm-up match, which I took easy so not to humiliate the opposition, it was game on and I began to send all manner of ammunition into the crying faces of the forumites. Then disaster struck; my internet connection went tits-up and my game was crippled with lag. From that point on the forum took charge and whitewashed team VideoGamer - not a night to remember. I wasn't so much a Curious Orange as I was a Furious Orange.

Halo 3 screenshot

Neon Kelly, Previews Editor - Halo 3, Xbox 360
Well, I know this feature is called "VideoGamer Plays," but this week a better title might be "VideoGamer Plays... Badly" - in my case, at any rate. There's no getting away from the fact that you guys gave us a solid kicking on Thursday night, but I certainly had a damn good time. Despite being fairly dreadful for most of the evening (my kill spread was -12 on one match), I don't think I did too badly given that I'd barely played Halo 3 before the start of this week. I'll take solace in my one achievement - somehow scrounging a victory in the lone Juggernaut match we played. On the other hand, I'll try not to dwell on the hundreds of times I was shot, lasered, blown up or simply run over by heavy machinery. Hats off to the forumites... you trounced us fair and square.

Halo 3 screenshot

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer - Halo 3, Xbox 360
"I notice I haven’t got a medal next to my gamertag?" I asked politely during our Halo 3 community night on Thursday. "Yeah, that means you suck…" came the witty response. Far from calling myself a veteran of Halo 3, I was hoping beyond all reason that I would not continually find myself at the bottom of every result table after each match. For some strange reason fortune favoured me, and throughout the course of the Staff vs. Forum tournament my skills improved, with an ever increasing number of forumites perishing by my hand. That being said, we were still trounced - big time. Wez easily showed the most flare from the staff team, with the likes of Woffls, Rogue Soul and Robz48 doing the business for the forum team. Well played gents, well played.

For more on what we've been up to this week check out the brand-new Podcast.

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Endless's Avatar


Been playing Defense Grid a lot and really enjoying it, a lot more so than Crystal Defenders. Though i haven't gotten too far yet the difficulty is ramping up significantly with each mission.

Been playing RE5 too, the first, last, Wesker fight is annoying as hell with the AI playing as Sheva. Just inject him woman!! >.<
Posted 12:45 on 14 September 2009
dazzadavie's Avatar


Well enjoyed the Halo 3 night, so happy I didn't suck, also I nearly had you on Juggernaut Neon, but me and Robz48 won the 2 in a team fight.
Playing Batman:AA trying to get though that.
Posted 11:22 on 14 September 2009
xboxlive's Avatar


This week i have been playing:
.Race pro - Finishing off the main part of the game.
.Fifa 10 demo - Feels alot better then Fifa 09.
.Velvet Assassin - Good game but not for me,iam more of a run and gun gamer.
Posted 10:37 on 14 September 2009
II-Rossco-II's Avatar


scribblenaughts could well be GOTY, that game looks ace and im considering getting a dsi for it, But for me if i were guessing for GOTY right now id say GOTY- MW2, Ps3-Uncharted2, xbox- forza3, handheld GOTY- scribblenaughts, that is going based on what i think
Posted 19:53 on 13 September 2009
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Absolutey agree EL-Dev, brother thinks it's good, saw him play it and i think it's the most over rated game out this year.

I'm playing Quake 4, Warcraft 3. I'm not gonna saw WoW now since i'm always playing it.
Posted 17:55 on 13 September 2009
El-Dev's Avatar


Tried to finish off Batman there, don't think I'll bother. On the last boss battle and suprise suprise it's the exact same as the rest of them, dodge object and quick throw a Batarang. Also, maybe if the combat didn't involve bashing square non-stop it would have been an enjoyable experience. I think the rave reviews are being very generous to what is a 7/10 game.
Posted 17:40 on 13 September 2009
El-Dev's Avatar


Haven't done too much gamin this week, thinking of going for a stroll and pickin up Halo 3 and IL2 Birds of Prey with my winnings from yesterday.
Posted 13:59 on 13 September 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ renegade

Originally Posted by renegade
if it was on another Platform it would be better
I'm sorry, I have no idea how I thought you might be biased. Clearly I am mistaken. I am obviously completely imagining the bias inherent in statements like that. How could anyone think of you as biased?

You said it yourself, genre is irrelevant in GOTY. So, howcome you are limiting it to either shooter or racer? FYI, the current front runner on most websites for this year is Street Fighter IV, another genre that you have written off in the past. But then, you have come out with a veritable mountain of stupid, why should I expect you to stop now?

It is not anybody's fault but your own that you don't have a DS on which to play it, but your console collection has absolutely zero bearing on the decision to award any game that coveted 'Game of the Year' title. Scribblenauts is pushing boundaries that other games are not, in a similar way to that which Little Big Planet did last year. If I recall correctly, that one also received plenty of recognition.
Posted 12:00 on 13 September 2009
Wido's Avatar


Been playing FIFA 10 demo and I managed to get a copy of DiRT 2. Did an odd job on a car, got paid £20, went into town to pick it up :p

Sounds like you had a great Halo 3 night lads! Any funny Plasma grenade takedowns? They always crack me up when lobbed from one end of the map to the other and lands on a unexpected victim of the plasma grenade :laugh:
Posted 11:22 on 13 September 2009


FYI game of the year is game of the year. Forza 3 v MW2 Oh but there not the same genre. Tuff That is how game of the works.

And yeh if it was on another Platform it would be better, because I could play it you Tit. How can you not understand that? Or are you being that Naive, but you have got into your head that im being Biased so there is no point. all im saying is this cant win game of the Year because it cant stand up against the likes of MW 2. But it could win DS game of the year!
Posted 10:31 on 13 September 2009
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ renegade

It's like your mind closes further with every post you make, Renegade. Why the hell can Scribblenauts not win? It certainly has more going for it than GT PSP or Peace Walker will. And this is nothing to do with the platform it is on, either. It doesn't require the stylus, it could just as easily be done on the PS3. But then, it wouldn't stand a chance there because of all you morons who only play games with blood, guts, and guns.

Also, Portal is a lot closer to being the best game ever than Batman : AA is. I will stick my neck out today and suggest it is better than MW2 and AC2 will be, as well.
Posted 02:32 on 13 September 2009
bencrosaby's Avatar

bencrosaby@ renegade

Firstly I'd like to point out to you that Modern Warfare 2, Assassins Creed 2 and Peace Walker have not been released yet (nor has Scribblenauts officially). Anyway, comparing them isn't exactly going to prove anything at all because they're just too different.

FYI: I have never played Portal, Half Life or Counter Strike in my lifetime.

If we are talking serious game of the year, then no, it cant win. But for its platform it is very clever.
So, from your perspective, had Scribblenauts been on a different system it would have been in with a chance? Biased thinking there, renegade.

I don't appreciate being called 'little', either.
Posted 01:20 on 13 September 2009

renegade@ bencrosaby

No I just speak the Truth. Why does a game that allows you to input words be better than Some thing Like MW 2 or AC2, or as I said Peace walker.

Yeh it was a very creative mechanic bug Woop that is what the Indie games show is for.

You probably one of them people who thinks Portal is the best game of all f***ing time because you can shoot portals and go some where else.

No, Portal is a great game. And im sure this will be as well.

But if you put Scrib in the ring with say Batman AA. Then Batman Wins every time.

One bit of * Innovation* cant make up for a game like Batman AA that does so many things and does them with almost perfection. Who'd of though the Hack and Slash/ beat em up Genre would be so good?

If we are talking serious game of the year, then no, it cant win. But for its platform it is very clever. Dont read in to things little Ben im just being honest.
Posted 21:55 on 12 September 2009
thompo555's Avatar


IL2 sturmovik: birds of prey :D
Have been online mostly and pwning people in my yak-9T :D
Posted 20:27 on 12 September 2009
bencrosaby's Avatar

bencrosaby@ renegade

Yeah - a game that stretches creativity to a new level is never going to be as good as ANY PSP game amirite? [/sarcasm]

Why the heck do you have to be so biased?

You're like a Star Wars fan that refuses to watch The Clone Wars because it's animated and you get the impression all your friends will think you're babyish.
Posted 19:56 on 12 September 2009

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