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The Games Of The Generation: Chris' Choice

The VideoGamer.com team is bullied into choosing just 3 games from hundreds as their games of the generation. Today, Video Producer Chris Bratt's choices...

10 Publish date Dec 4

The Week in Review: Microsoft fools no one, Minecraft $$, Day Z, Blops2 multiplayer and more

The Week in Review is a weekend feature which casts a gaze over the week which has just been, hoping to point your eyes in the direction of news, features, videos and reviews which I deem to be worthy of your precious time.

Publish date Aug 10 2012

My week with Minecraft

Ever on the cusp of predicting the latest gaming trends, Martin decided to get started in Minecraft roughly a year after everyone else started banging on about it.

5 Publish date Nov 29 2011

The VideoGamer.com Podcast: Episode 22

Greetings foolish humans, and welcome to episode 22 of the VideoGamer.com podcast - which is certainly not a front for a superior alien race to launch their invasion of your miserable and despicable planet Earth!

9 Publish date Nov 23 2011

Ten of the best indie games on PC

If you've had quite enough of your blockbuster Call of Honours and your World of Duty's, you might want to give the blossoming indie scene a try - it's full of some of the most inventive and entertaining games doing the rounds at the moment.

10 Publish date Jul 11 2011

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