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The second instalment in the sci-fi trilogy.

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Shepard's back from the dead, and he - or she - is pissed.
Shepard's back from the dead, and he - or she - is pissed.

Shepard's back from the dead, and he - or she - is pissed.

The adjective "stunning" is over-used, especially when it comes to video game criticism. Everything's stunning these days; graphics, story, characters… everything. Well, in the case of Mass Effect 2, it's the only word that even comes close to describing the experience on offer.

In Mass Effect 2, everything is stunning. The sophisticated sci-fi story is stunning at every turn. The refined, third-person cover-based combat is stunning at the turn of every corner. And the cinematic dialogue system, voice acting and facial animations are stunning in every page-turning cut scene. It all comes together to form what may well be 2010's best game, and possibly the greatest role-playing game of all time.

Mass Effect 2's brilliance shows Canadian developer BioWare is in top form. Confidence breeds confidence, and Mass Effect 2 is one of the most confident, brash, even arrogant - but in the good way people admire - games ever created. It is a masterpiece from a developer that knows it's ahead of the game in almost every department that matters, from graphics to branching storylines to… well… everything.

Taken in isolation, Mass Effect 2 stands head and shoulders above its peers. But those who played the first game will find even more to admire, because it improves not only the things that didn't work, but the things that quite clearly did. We all know about the changes that have been made to the combat - every game magazine and website, including this one, has been banging on about them for months. Only now, though, having pumped over 40 hours into this dark, second act, do we know the true extent of BioWare's commitment to bettering what's gone before.

Firstly, let's go through the obvious stuff. The cumbersome inventory system has been streamlined to the point where you don't actually have an inventory at all. Instead, you have a base set of weapons - shared by all party members - that can be upgraded through scientific research in the Normandy tech lab. Then, before embarking on a mission, you're given the opportunity to set your loadout. It's simple and effortless, like yoghurt.

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thpcplayer's Avatar


awesome review!
edit :a thumb down! did i say antthing offensive?
Posted 11:01 on 26 January 2010

User Comments

EISPower's Avatar


Love this game. I first started it with a new character and really did not like it much.After i finished the first carier i imported my ME1 level 60 character & it was like playing a new game,everything continued from ME1 and the game become perfect, well allmost perfect i could not get Ash back but the truth kind of fell for Miranda. The game got even bigger and better than ME1 with all the DLCs.The only thing that sucked was playing the Insanity carier where i kept my weapons but lost all my upgrades and was it hard getting those upgrades back. Overall this game rules. (Mass Effect Rules)
Posted 11:03 on 10 March 2011
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ K3RT

Well I thought this game wasn't a 10/10 but it would help if Schumey explained why instead of ranting rubbish.
I thought the game was very repetitive as scanning for planets for upgrades was incredibly boring, could have mixed it up with more of a puzzle element.
I remember thinking to myself “This is very similar to detention in High school where I had to clean up rubbish during break on the fields”
I also found the “helping teammates” missions rather too similar with a combat system that felt very bland to me and not challenging.
Also far too much shelter from bad guys and not much requirement for thought to eliminate enemies like something with Splinter Cell or Half Life.
Don’t get me wrong they improved on the first game with controls and the environment you play in, as well as an impressive storyline and characters for a videogame (the score is still really good like the first game).
But when comparing it to other RPGs like Zelda, KOTOR, The Dig and Snatcher, it’s no where near being one of the best RPG’s ever (never mind best game ever).
I felt an 8/10 was more fair for this game.
Posted 11:44 on 06 June 2010
K3RT's Avatar

K3RT@ Schumey

So because you think the game should be an 8 or a 9 the reviewer should to? has it not occurred to you that reviews are just the opinions of one individual? besides ME2 is one of the best games of the current gen and the only thing which I would say I disliked about it was the fact it wasn't multi platform so more people could enjoy it.
Posted 07:31 on 06 June 2010
Schumey's Avatar


Mass Effect 2 is NOT a 10/10 game. But I guess you're just willing to give out any score to please the fans, huh? More like a 8 or 9, anything above that is pushing it. The overscoring of hyped games needs to end.
Posted 08:44 on 03 June 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ tome0124

Oh, is 'PC' a 'console'? I was not aware that I could just plug it into my HDTV and play, just like that...!
Posted 17:58 on 06 February 2010
VandaL's Avatar


Best game in ages!

Truley like playing an interactive sci-fi series. Only thing letting the PC version down is the crappy textures because of the 360. Other than that, flawless.
Posted 13:08 on 06 February 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Hey Wes!
I just need some feedback man.
Is it me, or on Mass Effect do you have the same problem.
basically, I'm going for Renegade, but every time a Paragon interrupt thingy comes up I can;t help but pull it man.
My Renegade is still considerably more than my Paragon, but will it effect my chances of going full Renegade?
Cheers man, this is my favourite game for an awfully long time.
Posted 10:25 on 06 February 2010
Mark_S's Avatar


... Yogurt?
Posted 15:42 on 02 February 2010
tome0124's Avatar

tome0124@ Handwipe

Do you aware of that this game is not console exclusive...? I own Xbox360 but I still buy a PC version...
Posted 22:00 on 29 January 2010
tome0124's Avatar


I finished the game. It's amazing and I can tell they truely put lots of work in this game. But it's not that perfect... getting all 10s. I'd disagree with that. I don't want to spoil anything here. At least I was forced to load the game or sometimes die because of it's bug. Sometimes I get stuck near by boxes... (my 1st round... I got stuck like 10 times.) While I become careful doing anything and it got better lol. There are couple other the mouse issue... Just my opinion. Still a great & fun game to play. both RPG and shooting elements :)
Posted 21:54 on 29 January 2010
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


The end of the day can't come soon enough.
Posted 16:44 on 29 January 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ Ghost_Dog

Maybe after the initial trilogy. As I've said so often, however, consoles NEED exclusives or we the consumer will get shafted with no choices whatsoever in our hobby.

On topic though - 2 hours in... wow. Jaw-dropping story, gameplay dialogue and graphics. I was hoping so hard it wouldn't let down the original, and so far it truly hasn't. Fantastic game, and probably a solid contender, already, for GOTY.
Posted 16:39 on 29 January 2010

renegade@ Handwipe

i know right same with Xbox, cos you cant play Starcraft 2 either hahahahaha........

See how i flipped it Fantard

as for Mass Effect ill enjoy this in Super HD lol on My pc thanks
Posted 14:29 on 29 January 2010
Ghost_Dog's Avatar

Ghost_Dog@ guyderman

Funny how these idiots don't use their real names on their profile.

They are nothing more than cowards hiding behind keyboards.

There is also a good chance that Mass Effect will eventually appear on the PS3.
Posted 12:51 on 29 January 2010
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ Handwipe

And another retard makes an appearance!

There should be a Doomed Vs A$$wipe thread - Clash of the Fanboys!
Posted 12:36 on 29 January 2010

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