Let's talk all over some lovely Lords Of The Fallen gameplay, shall we?

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Ilidaner's Avatar


I think Lords of the Fallen do not have delay. A few good games will delay their release date from October to another month or year so now CI Games do everything to release this game in October. I hope;) @Terma you have a great ide to play in this two game when LotF comes out to compare it.
Posted 19:45 on 19 August 2014
Beast34's Avatar


The delays can not be said. ,) That's not to say LoF look great. And similar it or not it would still be in my collection .;)
Posted 20:47 on 17 August 2014
Tenma's Avatar


Lots of people compares this game to Dark Souls and so comparision is wrong. Those are two different games. I think, that LotF is inspired by DS and it will show more then we can now see. I havent playd DS, but Lotf looks more interesing to me. Maybe when i play LotF, i will play DS to compare to see what is a copy of game and to see what CI have add as a new feature. Hope to see it in october, but you know that always can be a delay:)
Posted 20:53 on 15 August 2014
Ilidaner's Avatar


Honestly I think comparing this two game now makes no sense because we do not play in LotF jet. Now I wait to this game because it looks very promising and I hope LotF don't disappointed me because I have big expectation to this game.
Posted 19:58 on 11 August 2014
vader666's Avatar


Beast34 and that's it! Games that arise, arise from the inspiration of other games, except that the developers plan is different. so it can and will be similar I do not know ... that it is a A-RPG, however, it will be a different game. always repeated and always will be! What they have to say game developers that are happening in space? that each game that happens in the universe is inspired on their game? Besides Lotf looks better than the DS and DS here could inspire!
Posted 18:19 on 11 August 2014
Beast34's Avatar


Rather, it definitely will be two different games. Besides which games are not inspired by existing ones. LoF has its own identity. I am glad that LoF will not be as difficult as the DS, while it wont be easy .;)
Posted 08:17 on 07 August 2014
Ilidaner's Avatar


Honestly I agree with you. A lot of people think LotF is a next-gen Dark Souls. I don't agree with that. Who knows aybe this two game will be a little similar but never will be the same game. For me not easy combat, dynamic movements willl be few of the many advantages of this game.
Posted 22:01 on 06 August 2014
Beast34's Avatar


It would have to stop, traced to only similarities to the DS. LoF look sensational. Cool graphics, good weapons. It will be plenty to choose from. I like that this is not just waving a sword. And you will have a little think about the attacks. I look forward to and already collects money in October.
Posted 09:46 on 03 August 2014

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