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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots screenshot
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots screenshot

According to North American sales data reported by the NPD Group, the month of June saw a huge sales spike for Sony's PlayStation 3 console which shifted an impressive 405,500 units. This figure is almost double that of the Xbox 360 which sold a modest 219,800 units over the same period.

Despite the PS3's success, it's the Wii and Nintendo DS which continue to dominate, moving 666,700 units and 783,000 units respectively. The Wii is now the best-selling home video game console in North America with 10.9 million units sold.

PSP sales, although less impressive than DS, are solid with 337,000 units for the month and the PS2 continues to be an attractive option thanks to its low price - selling a further 188,000 units.

MGS4 sold 774,600 units on its debut month, a figure that is nearer 1 million when including copies of the game included in hardware bundles. Konami's PS3 exclusive easily fends off strong competition from Activision's Guitar Hero: On Tour (422,300 units), Ninja Gaiden II (372,700 units) and Wii Fit (372,700 units).

Wii Play charts at No.5, followed by Battlefield: Bad Company on Xbox 360, Mario Kart Wii, LEGO Indy Wii, LEGO Indy DS and LEGO Indy PS2. Activision's block-based adventure game sold a huge 1.1 million units across all formats.

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My roommate got this game for his PS3... all I can say is.... DAAAAAMN! I'm dropping my Xbox before I get the RROD!!! Not only that, but the Blu-Ray movies look awesome on his HD TV! MGS 4 will convert any Xbox fan to PS3, FOR SURE! I also played online, I thought it was the Shizzle! Maybe you just had a bad connection.
Posted 17:44 on 04 August 2008
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This was bound to happen. MGS4 is a great game with a huge following. Figures for July should be good too.
Posted 16:15 on 18 July 2008
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i played this the other day on the ps3,and its the frist one of the game i played,yes it was a good game but the online put it down.
Posted 10:23 on 18 July 2008

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