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League of Legends is the most played video game in the world

32 million active players each month.

Publish date Oct 12 2012

Riot wins ownership of LeagueofLegendsPorn.com

No longer in the hands of original owner Michael Brown.

Publish date Oct 10 2012

MLG Fall Championship announces $30,000 League of Legends Invitational

US eSports organiser Major League Gaming has announced a $30,000 prize pool for its League of Legends Invitational tournament at the MLG Fall Championships.

7 Publish date Oct 10 2012

League of Legends 'Honor' system goes live

Riot Games has rolled out the 'Hono(u)r' system for MOBA League of Legends, allowing players to give each other a pat on the back after a particularly successful or admirable performance in the free-to-play online game.

Publish date Oct 2 2012

VideoGamer.com Plays September 16, 2012

This week the team has been playing Sleeping Dogs, Borderlands 2 and League of Legends.

17 Publish date Sep 16 2012

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