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League of Legends EU Championship Series heads to London

To be staged on June 21 at Wembley Arena.

Publish date May 22

League of Legends player granted US visa as professional athlete

Usually reserved for the likes of David Beckham.

Publish date Aug 12 2013

Riot opens League of Legends server transfers between North America and EUW or EUNE

Euro players who joined the North American server prior to June 1, 2010 given free transfer.

Publish date Apr 17 2013

Dota 2 now more popular than League of Legends in the West

Update: Riot challenges report's claims.

1 Publish date Apr 10 2013

League of Legends' first new champion of 2013 is Thresh, the Chain Warden

A supportive champion with exceptional crowd control abilities.

Publish date Jan 23 2013

Riot details new League of Legends Season 3 changes with an infographic

Six different tiers/levels of competition to be introduced.

Publish date Jan 16 2013

Vi, the Piltover Enforcer, is the newest League of Legends champion

Beats down enemies with fearsome punches.

1 Publish date Dec 18 2012

Zed, the Master of Shadows is League of Legends' new champion

Is exceptional in both mid mid lane and Jungle, says Riot.

1 Publish date Nov 13 2012

Elise, the Spider Queen is League of Legends' newest champion

Has human mage and spider forms, offering distinct roles on the battlefield.

5 Publish date Oct 26 2012

New Twisted Treeline map now in beta

Riot wants your feedback on the new 3v3 battleground.

Publish date Oct 26 2012

More than 8 million tuned in to watch League of Legends Season 2 Finals

Fans watched over 22 million hours of action over the Playoffs and Finals.

Publish date Oct 23 2012

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