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Rockstar recently announced a PC version of hit detective thriller LA Noire. These days most big games hit the two most powerful consoles and the PC, but a few titles are still notable in their absence on the industry's oldest platform. Here we take a look at the console games we want on the PC.

Red Dead Redemption

Come on Rockstar. Read Dead Redemption is one of the highest-rated, biggest-selling games of this console generation, yet for whatever reason PC gamers have been left out in the cold, clutching their copies of GTA 4 and looking longingly into the distance at LA Noire. Considering LA Noire is coming with 3D functionality and smarter visuals, we want the same in the PC version of Red Dead Redemption.

In his Red Dead Redemption review Neon said:

"This is a magnificent piece of work that everybody should play. John Marston may not quite be the next Jack Sparrow, but in the realm of cowboy games, Red Dead Redemption is clearly the genuine article."

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User Comments

jerizo's Avatar


I absolutely hate that some really great titles weren't released for pc for example l.a. noire was released recently for ps3 and xbox and i thought they wouldn't release it for PC cuz there was nothing on the official webpage but by now i know it will, just later...
However it really disappointed me when i thought that they wouldnt release it for pc cuz that game is so amazing and has such a great potential, i want to see that new animations on the facial muscles on the strongest platform out there: PC
Posted 17:24 on 13 July 2011
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Kmcroc, we call those people you describe as "c*nts" and "elitist twats"

As a PC gamer when i hear a massive exclusive comes to the console i'm glad because that means more people get to play a glorious game.
Posted 17:13 on 13 July 2011
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Great article Jamin. I'd kill for RDR and Enslaved to come out (fingers still crossed on the former)
Posted 16:49 on 13 July 2011
kmcroc's Avatar


You folks have some valid points, But my biggest thing about this is that PC gamer's are always upset when one of their grand titles leaves to become a console game. then comment how it's gonna be a dumb down or how consoles are holding PC back . but yet you get upset when some grand console titles are not ported to PC , why would you guys want to play dumb down console titles . that will not look great on your rigs.
Posted 15:18 on 13 July 2011
TomO's Avatar


We tried to keep the list fairly realistic in terms of games that could come to PC. PS3 exclusives from Sony didn't make it because Sony would have to change its publishing model for those to be ported over.
Posted 13:29 on 13 July 2011


I think added exclusives is weird, I get that Microsoft makes Windows and Xbox but still. Would have been cool to see no platform exclusives. Thinks like Enslaves I agree with.

Id also say these

The console version of FIFA for once
Fight night
Red Dead

Other wise im not that concerned, we tend to get the better version of games. Battlefield 3 Crysis 2 Skyrim etc, plus with Starcraft and Diablo and of course MMOs like APB doing amazing things with free to play ( like LOL) I dont really feel we miss out on much.
Posted 11:50 on 13 July 2011
altaranga's Avatar


Wow. Narrowing it down to just 10 must have been tricky.

Personally I would have liked to have seen Ico, Shadow of the Colossus or The Last Guardian in there somewhere, but that's just me. Glad MGS made it in there, though, as that's the first thing that sprung into my mind.
Posted 11:44 on 13 July 2011
CheekyLee's Avatar


Gears isn't coming to PC because of piracy. EPIC themselves said so.
Posted 10:55 on 13 July 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I'm glad you didn't do this the other way around as there are about a trillion PC games missing on consoles. I'd be delighted if Diablo III makes the move later on.
Posted 10:25 on 13 July 2011

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