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Kingdom Come: Deliverance screenshot
Kingdom Come: Deliverance screenshot

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has raised more than double its funding target of £300,000, and the team at Warhorse Studios has published its fourth video update, this time detailing combat.

The 12 minute video discusses how the in-game combat is based on real-time collision detection and inverse kinematics, resulting in a combat experience that the developer claims looks and feels believable and natural.

Kickstarter funding is currently a few thousand pounds under £700,000, which if met will enable performance motion capture to deliver results on a par with Ryse.

Nine days of funding remain.

Source: Kickstarter

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The whole 'single character within a large scale historical battle' scenarios sound really exciting, and something I have wanted to experience before. Rather than tactics and leading you merely try to survive the carnage, hope they pull it off!
Posted 15:47 on 12 February 2014

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