You'll do a lot of driving in Just Cause 2. Not all of it is from behind the steering wheel.
You'll do a lot of driving in Just Cause 2. Not all of it is from behind the steering wheel.

You'll do a lot of driving in Just Cause 2. Not all of it is from behind the steering wheel.

There were moments during out gargantuan hands-on with open world blow-em-up Just Cause 2 when our eyes almost popped out of our head. The sheer ridiculousness of what you can do in the fictional South East Asian island of Panau - intentionally and, often, unintentionally - is so far off the destruction scale that it's broken through the upper atmosphere and finished up somewhere in space. This, funnily enough, is just about the only place you can't go in the game.

It has, of course, got everything you'd want from an over-the-top sandbox game. It's got explosions - lots of explosions - choppers, jets, and cars to jack, people to kill, three factions to work for, and a massive game world - 1000 square km to be precise. But what it's got that no other over-the-top sandbox game has - indeed no other sandbox game of any kind, well, apart from the first Just Cause - is a kick arse grappling hook (yes, we know Mercenaries 2 had one, but it wasn't very good). In fact, Just Cause 2's grappling hook is the best video game grappling hook of all time.

It's really that good. More than any weapon in any video game we've played in the last 12 months, Just Cause 2's grappling hook is designed to enable chaos. It does the bog standard stuff, like attach to pretty much any surface, and pulls you forward at breakneck speed. But it also does the… er… non-bog-standard stuff, which we're about to spend the next several paragraphs explaining.

Example one: During the second mission, Latin protagonist Rico "surfs" Swedish alcoholic Blaine's banger as he speeds away from hot in pursuit government soldiers. There are enemy Jeeps on our tail, riddling our flesh with bullets. What do we do? We wait till we cross a bridge, land the grappling hook in the bonnet of one of the Jeeps, keep the LB button (on the 360, the version tested) held down, then release it with the targeting reticule on the tarmac just ahead of the Jeep, tethering it to the road. You know those bits in Hollywood blockbusters where cars flip forward and high into the air? Yeah, well, that happens, except the Jeep in question flips forward and high into the air and over the bridge. Cue screams and our eyes popping out of our head.

Example two: During one of the many "Faction Missions", we're under the cosh. There are scores of bad guys baying for blood. One of the buggers has a grenade - he's an explosives expert, and harder to kill than the others. What do we do? We land the grapple hook in the git's chest. He throws a grenade. Somehow - and this is purely accidental, although we'd love to say it's down to pure skill - we manage to tether the grenade spammer to his own grenade. He flies forward, landing face first right next to the small explosive device. We run for cover. Boom! Cue spraying blood and our eyes popping out of our head.

Enemy choppers are opportunities - grapple them and make Panau your plaything.

Enemy choppers are opportunities - grapple them and make Panau your plaything.

Example three: We're having fun in an armoured personnel carrier blowing everything and anything that offers up "Chaos Points" - the currency that opens up new Agency and Faction missions - during a "Stronghold mission", when our "Heat" (Just Cause 2's take on GTA4's wanted system) gets too hot to handle, and the government soldiers call in air support. Basically, that means fun time's over. The chopper arrives and riddles us with bullets. If we stay holed up in the APC, soon enough it'll blow, and we'll die a horrible, burning death. What do we do? We jump out, look up, and land the grappling hook on the cockpit of the chopper. We fly high into the sky, landing our feet on the glass. Press Y to enter; we enter, successfully completing a quick time event that sees us chuck out the pilot and his crony, Terminator 2 style. Now we're in the chopper; hold the right trigger to ascend, left trigger to descend. RB and LB fires a mini-gun. Panau is now our bitch, and this gunship is our whip. Cue ten explosions in 20 seconds and our eyes popping out of our head.

Example four: We're on another "Faction Mission" - most of the early hours of play are spent earning enough Chaos points to trigger the next Agency mission. This time we're descending a great big hole in the ground with the intention of blowing up the tower that's inside. We go down, shooting, grappling, killing… the normal stuff. We interact with the tower console - a quick QTE - and success. Now, it's going to blow. We need to get out of there quick. We look up - it's going to take too long to grapple our way to the top. What do we do? Gas canisters - every game has them - are propped up against a wall. We grapple one, landing feet first on the "nose" of the cylinder. Then, we land a single bullet. As the gas escapes, we brace ourselves. Boom! The canister fires up into the air like a rocket heading into space, and we're riding it like a heavily-armed space monkey. We reach the top, leap off the canister, fire the grapple hook into the nearest wall, and feel the tower explode behind our back. Cue fist pumping and our eyes popping out of our head.

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Enkeixpress's Avatar


Nice preview... Got the Limited Edition pre-ordered over @

I can't wait. :)
Posted 08:31 on 25 February 2010
rbevanx's Avatar


Well I really liked the first one and thought it was a good game but I can see why people got fed up of it after a while.
A bit like AC in terms of repetitiveness to some people. I still love the opening of the game when you jump out of a plane and skydive to the island.
Posted 09:52 on 20 February 2010
clangod's Avatar


I was sceptical about this when it was announced as I'd played Just Cause on PS2. Although it was big, and reasonably enjoyable for a couple of hours, it failed to keep me interested because aside from the over the top action, there was sweet F all to do.

Once I saw Just Cause 2's first videos, I was sold. It looks so far over the top that it would be hard not to enjoy. From what I've seen, it looks fantastic so only thing to worry about is as Wes says, longevity. Just Cause was essentially just the exact same thing rinsed and repeated. Hopefully Just Cause 2 offers enough variety to keep me interested.
Posted 21:31 on 19 February 2010
vulgrim's Avatar


IT'S f***ing AWSOME!!!!!
Posted 21:28 on 19 February 2010
thompo555's Avatar


Hehe, im soooo getting this game! Cant wait!

Great preview aswell :)
Posted 20:29 on 19 February 2010
Woffls's Avatar


Can't wait to play this. Not sure if I'll buy it straight away because it seems to have the misfortune of falling between Heavy Rain and Splinter Cell while I still have ME2, UC2 and Killzone 2 to play.
Posted 18:48 on 19 February 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


God I can;t bloody wait for this game.
I remember when Neon was talking about it ages ago!
He was so hyped about the grapple lol.
I've been keeping my eye on it since then and now I'm uber psyched for it's release.
Awesome preview Wes.
Posted 17:10 on 19 February 2010

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