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Xbox One's cloud-side computing is one area that gives Microsoft's console an advantage over PlayStation 4, Avalanche Studios' chief technology officer Linus Blomberg has told, despite PS4 featuring more impressive 'raw power'.

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Discussing the next-gen console alongside studio head Christofer Sundberg, Blomberg said that the console's ability to compute processes on the cloud is "definitely an area where the Xbox One has a step up over PS4, and it opens up for many interesting things.

"It's perfect for open-world games like ours as it enables techniques to make the game worlds more alive and social, such as persistence and asynchronous multiplayer features," he continued. "We are already using server-side computations in our PC hunting game theHunter, so that's nothing new for us as a concept. But Microsoft's solution may allow us to do this more efficiently and to a greater [extent]."

Xbox One's architecture is said to allow developers to off-load non-latency sensitive processes to the cloud, freeing up system resources on the console.

According to a report on Ars Technica, processes that could be off-loaded to the cloud include physics modelling, fluid dynamics and cloth modelling, each typically CPU-intensive.

A Microsoft representative (via has also claimed that the cloud's processing capabilities will make the Xbox One "40 times" more powerful than the Xbox 360.

However, if the technology "proves successful for Microsoft", Blomberg expects "Sony to follow suit and add similar support" to PS4.

Whether Xbox One games perform will better than PS4 titles (or vice-versa), however, is "too early to say," Blomberg adds.

"I think [Xbox One and PS4] will be very similar in the end," Blomberg says. "Of course, if we find areas where either platform is particularly strong then we'll take advantage of that. But it's too early to say if our games will look better on any of the two platforms. All I can say is that there's potential for visually stunning games on both platforms."

Besides Xbox One's cloud-processing, Avalanche is also considering making of use of Kinect 2.0 and the console's TV functionality.

"If it makes the experience better, we’ll definitively support the Kinect and TV functionality," adds CCO Christofer Sundberg. "We have a few ideas at this point, but will only implement them if it adds to the core experience rather than take away from it."

Avalanche is currently gearing up for its "biggest" E3 since 2005, where it's expected to reveal a Mad Max title and a new game in the Just Cause series.

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audiojet's Avatar


A lot of game media/developers have forgotten rather quickly about the integration of "Gaikai" into the PS4. This will offer an even greater off-load with excellent latency.
Posted 22:25 on 28 May 2013
RobotPi's Avatar


Eurogamer - - looked into this and concluded that, actually, their isn't a whole bunch of non-time-critical stuff you can offload to the cloud given the relative power of the nextgen consoles.

If Microsoft really have some brilliant implementation in mind, we'll see it at E3.
Posted 20:54 on 28 May 2013
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ keyey

There's a Blockbuster 2 minutes round the corner from me. Just saying.

The internet issue isn't an issue for me...but it is for a lot of people. And therefore ergo is essentially another Xbox 360 HDD issue: If not everyone has it then it cant be fully utilised.
Posted 20:03 on 28 May 2013
keyey's Avatar


lol MS is makin gme laugh so hard right, now. hell I went ot someof my firends who claim they ar ehard core fans of ms and they didnt even know the system was announced. secondly who the hell i sgoing to support profile synced games. MS you guys need to hit the drawing board. lol and the blockbuster sellout. wtf where is their a bloackbuster and who buys consoles from there
Posted 16:26 on 28 May 2013


...all you need is a totally unlimited and fast broadband package and that's where some people may come unstuck. Will be interesting to see which developers make use of this feature and how much data it has to send back and forth while you play.
Posted 15:44 on 28 May 2013

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