Just Cause 2 screenshot
Just Cause 2 screenshot

Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios, who last week announced it was developing a new AAA title at its New York studio, is "pretty sure" that we'll be seeing the next Xbox or PlayStation on store shelves by 2014.

"We obviously talk to everybody, and everybody talks to us," he said. "We have some intelligence to go on that, by early 2014, we're pretty sure there'll be at least one next-generation console on the market," said David Grijns, managing director of Avalanche Studios New York, in an interview with Edge.

Does this mean Avalanche Studios' unannounced game is being developed specifically for the next generation of consoles? "When we say 'next-gen' in the press release, it's really a reference to what we think the market will look like then," he added. "Anyone who says they know what the market is going to look like three years from now is just blowing smoke.

"Whatever happens, we feel very confident that we'll be ready for it," Grijns added.

Regardless of this belief in better technology, Grijns emphasised that the industry doesn't need to focus on better visuals. "I don't think the industry needs better-looking games: I think it needs better games," he said.

"What is more interesting is the ways that developers and publishers can find new ways of designing games - and more interesting gameplay and distribution models - rather than better-looking games."

Avalanche's next game is the digital downloadable Renegade Ops this summer, which VideoGamer.com thinks brings the spirit of Jungle Strike to 2011.

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87Sarah's Avatar


ha ha! As I started reading this I was saying to myself... "hmm yes, I may wait until the Xbox 720 comes out before I buy one then" before doing a double take at the number 2014!! Ha ha!
Posted 20:04 on 20 June 2011
mydeaddog's Avatar


Agreed, that's the crappest prediction i've heard in a while.

He's "pretty sure" that we'll see a next-gen console on shelves by 2014. That gives him a gap of over three and a half years for either console to come out!

I reckon MS will get their next machine out in 2013, followed shortly by Sony. Reveals at next year's E3.
Posted 17:10 on 20 June 2011
munkee's Avatar


IndoorHeroes said exactly what I was thinking. We could all make these kinds of predictions.
Posted 17:07 on 20 June 2011
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Gave himself such a big time window as to not say anything at all! In other news Playstation 5 to be out by Christmas 2401!
Posted 16:55 on 20 June 2011

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