Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman: Blood Money Cheats for PC

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Take control of Agent 47 once more as he looks to uncover who is killing his comrades

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8Out of 10
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Cheats & Hints 1

Cheat Mode
Use Notepad to edit the hitmanbloodmoney.ini file in the game folder. Add the following line to the end of the file:


Press [C] while playing to display the cheat menu. Press Up/Down to highlight a cheat option, then press [Enter] or Left/Right to toggle that option. 0 disables the cheat, while 1 enables it.

Show OSD: Toggle on screen display
Invisible Mode: Toggle invisibility
God Mode: Toggle God mode
Give Some: No effect
InfAmmo: Unlimited ammunition
Show enemy vision: No effect
GiveAll: No effect
InfClip: Unlimited ammunition in current clip
Test Cloth: Cycle through disguises in current level
Complete level: All objectives completed in current level
Time Multiplier: Speed up time; "10" is highest value
Teleport: Teleport through level's waypoints
Beam here: Teleport to pointer location

Win Mission
After enabling cheats, press [Shift] + [C] during game play to complete the current mission. If used at the start of the mission, it will complete it with a "Silent Assassin" rank.

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Trainers 1

Download: Trainer

Activates in-game cheat menu.

(Downloads are on an external site and open in a new window)
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Savegames 2

Download: Savegame

Unlock All Missions in All Difficulty Modes.

(Downloads are on an external site and open in a new window)
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Download: Savegame

Unlock All Missions and Upgrades. Get $99 Million in Money.

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User Comments

urMom's Avatar
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so if you guys completed it in 3 days and the other one in 3 hours, then why are you on the cheats and hacks part of this.
and i could care less when or how long it took you to beat the game, get a life
Posted 18:01 on 27 November 2008
dragonslayer's Avatar
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try completing the game on pro, without taking any weapons, or buying any body armour etc.
this is a good game
Posted 04:34 on 13 November 2008
doody's Avatar
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Hitman Blood Money ... nice game
Posted 11:17 on 25 October 2008
moe's Avatar
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HitmanBloodMoney.ini file will usually be if u r using Ms windows OS
in your C:\Program Files\Eidos\Hitman Blood Money\HitmanBloodMoney
Posted 17:47 on 17 August 2008
hehehehehh's Avatar
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Where in the directory is the .ini file?????
Posted 16:02 on 10 August 2008
PamelaCaf's Avatar


I am also looking for the Hitman.ini file. Please help
Posted 14:33 on 04 August 2008
Lysander's Avatar
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how do i find the hitman.ini file?
Posted 12:46 on 06 July 2008
HITMAN's Avatar
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how do you put in the cheats if you got the game off trygames .com tell me how and £30.00 will be in your bank happy day sir
Posted 22:14 on 31 May 2008
Johnny's Avatar
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Can anyone tell me where this
file is? I cant find it
Posted 22:57 on 25 March 2008
Sebastian's Avatar
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Lol, I completed hitman within 3 hours.. AT PRO.. WITHOUT hacks =)
Posted 16:50 on 10 February 2008
lovejoy_is_a_legend3's Avatar


Who needs cheats i fount hitman really easy i completed it in 3 days

:clap: EASY EASY EASY :clap: U SHUT UP :clap:
Posted 10:37 on 07 June 2006

Game Stats

System Requirements
Release Date: 26/05/2006
Developer: Io Interactive
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Genre: Stealth
No. Players: One
Rating: BBFC 18
Site Rank: 232 4
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