Simon Miller, Editor-In-Chief - Halo: Spartan Assault, PC/Surface

Halo: Spartan Assault screenshot

As consoles games have given up for the summer I've jumped back into my new habit this week: mobile gaming. While the Nintendo 3DS will always be at the top of my list (fanboy...) I like to see what developers and publishers are trying to do on handheld devices, more so in the hope that eventually people will start to realise there's nothing wrong with doing something a bit different.

Spartan Assault does do that to a certain degree - Vanguard could've easily just thrown Halo onto a Surface tablet - and what we ended up with is a pretty decent top-down twin-stick shooter. Vehicles may control like utter pap, but I enjoyed it, as I mentioned in my review.

Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame screenshot

On the other end of the scale, though, is Prince Of Persia: The Shadow and The Flame. Holy ****. It's as if Ubisoft got a work experience kid in and left them to sort how the damned thing should play. In fairness, they did well - if I was left in charge of something similar you'd get nothing but an incorrectly spelled menu screen. That doesn't mean anyone, ever, should play this, though.

Steve Burns, Reviews and Features Editor - PES 2014, Xbox 360

PES 2014 screenshot

I've been playing PES 2014 this week although, sadly, thanks to the wonders of embargoes, I'm not actually allowed to tell you about it until next week. I can't tell you whether it's different or not, or if the Fox engine really, really, really affects things. I can't tell you about the character models, nor if some of the animations are superb. Bloody superb. I can't even tell you if it feels amazing to score, as is usual in a PES game. I just can't so don't even ask. And definitely don't ask whether I feel it still needs a lot of work. I can't do it I'm afraid.

Chris Bratt, Video Producer - Shadowrun Returns, PC

shadowrun pic -

An intriguing story-line? Tactical, turn-based combat? Cool sunglasses? Where the hell do I sign up?! (I know. I reviewed it...)

This week has been all about Shadowrun Returns for myself, which means I've had a rather good one. In a world where physical augmentation is just a matter of having enough credits, I created Druss: an old school orc, who firmly believes that his limbs should stay very much attached to his body, thank you very much. Druss (as the name might hint) is an orc with a code, a clear set of rules. Sure, he's in the shadowrunning business, but that doesn't mean he'll take any old job. To get Druss on board, you need credits and you also need to make him care. His shotgun is yours if you can...

Oh cripes, I think I might be a roleplayer. Please don't tell anyone!

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pblive@ Aazman

It's not that difficult, but I don't have much choice anyway.
Posted 14:15 on 29 July 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


I traded in a LOAD of old games this week (ended up with £80 credit), so picked up a few titles that I have been meaning to for a good while - two of which have seen a fair amount of play.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed - the mention on the podcast a few weeks back reminded me of this. I wasn't sold on the demo, but it did look as though it had potential... and my word, what a LOT of game there is. In many ways, it is even better than Mario Kart: Double Dash (my personal fav. of that series). I love the transforming stages, the transforming vehicles, and the different types of challenge. So much going on. However, I do think the items could have been themed a lot better (Blowfish? Giant wasp nest? Come on, now... though it does beat that damnable blue shell), and the difficulty spike is pretty steep. All in all, though, a fine package which I think will keep me entertained for a loooooong time.

The second title that I have succumbed to (as feared), and don't mock me for this, is: The Sims 3. A fantastic digital psychosocial experimentation tool. Such a shame it was never expanded anywhere near as much as the PC version (damn EA), but it captures a heck of a lot of management within the remit of a standard controller - fantastic UI (once you get used to it all). Even tempted to pick it up for my MacBook, just for the expansion packs...
Posted 01:09 on 29 July 2013
TomO's Avatar

TomO@ FantasyMeister

I will update you, but just haven't had time to play anything. As a mini update, I find it odd that the Illusive Man doesn't have Martin Sheen's face.
Posted 11:32 on 28 July 2013


Pikmin 3 and Cube World are the Games I'm playing now. Would like to play Earthbound and Shadowrun too, but I just don't have the Time right now.
Posted 20:25 on 27 July 2013
CoffeeJezus's Avatar


Bit of Dark Souls NG+, Animal Crossing, Xenoblade Chronicles - and just about to start Earth Defence Force 2017.
Posted 18:32 on 27 July 2013
Purple_eye's Avatar


Playing Demon Souls, fighting my way through the Shrine of Storms.
Posted 15:58 on 27 July 2013
MJTH's Avatar


Darwinia is the only thing I've played this week. I'm not even sure I can say I'm really enjoying. Each level takes forever to complete. I feel annoyed a lot whilst playing them as well. Any mistake can mean lots of lost progress, as the enemy recovers ground quickly. It's not even satisfying to complete a level, as they always feel not like a test of skill but a war of attrition. Either I outlasted the waves of enemy hordes to make slow progress, or I manage to exploit a situation after many failed attempts. I don't think it's a bad game at all, just not as deep a game as I thought it was.

I originally intended to play through this game quickly so I could get on to bigger things, but like the playing the game itself, I'm making slow progress. However, I'm so close to end of the game now, that I can't just abandon playing it.
Posted 15:17 on 27 July 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Still playing Shadow Warrior Redux, one of the best shooters i've ever played.

Pre-ordered the new Rise of the Triad so i'm counting down the days for that.
Posted 13:28 on 27 July 2013


YUUUUUSSSS. In your face, Collector Ship. The last major hurdle in my ME2 insanity run is overcome. Genuinely chuffed with myself.

Friday Night's Alright For Fighting!*

*The Collectors.
Posted 09:37 on 27 July 2013
Aazman's Avatar

Aazman@ pblive

do you find that borderlands 2 is a bit hard on solo?
Posted 08:54 on 27 July 2013
Njeezy's Avatar


I've been playing very little, just the odd stint in Battlefield 3 Multiplayer started a second play through of Witcher 2 just so I could make opposite choices to before, they do make a difference but the second play through feels a bit more of a chore.
Posted 07:59 on 27 July 2013


Just borrowed a friends PS3 and purchased The Last of Us. It's bloody great and all, 10/10, but now when I give back the console I'm left with the game and nothing to play it on! Ebay?
Posted 00:14 on 27 July 2013


Animal Crossing {drools like a madman}

Borderlands 2 on PC
Posted 23:53 on 26 July 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


More Torchlight II for me (love it to bits), a tiny bit of Defiance just to keep the muscle memory intact in case they drop new DLC, a smidgeon of SBK X Superbike World Championship which I finally got around to playing after it sat on the shelf for a couple of years and a bit of trading for Steam trading cards on the marketplace.

Or 396 trades to be exact. Kinda hooked. Free money does that.

Also tried out Team Fortress 2 for the first time this morning, then remembered I'm useless with a keyboard and mouse simply because I've never, ever, used WASD. Or a keyboard and mouse for an FPS for that matter. Needless to say we didn't get on.

Other than that I've been yearning for something a bit epic to get my teeth into, and Borderlands 2 and all its DLC together seems like it will satisfy that desire perfectly, so I might give it a mention next week unless I get sidetracked.

I was hoping Tom was going to update us on his Mass Effect adventures, I guess he's too busy swiveling around on his office chair doing Illusive Man impressions :)
Posted 17:59 on 26 July 2013

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