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Visionary Top 5: PC

Our predictions for what 2009 has in store for PC fanboys.

4 Publish date Dec 26 2008

Valve Complete Pack includes Left 4 Dead

$99 for a host of great titles including the new zombie, co-op first-person shooter.

1 Publish date Nov 14 2008

Digital Tales: Early multiplayer and Half-Life

A recount of some early multiplayer gaming in and around Half-Life's bunker. Damn that alarm!

3 Publish date Feb 27 2008

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I KNOW! Here are smilies that remind me of games. Me dying at Super Meat Boy at something that could have been avoided. Devil May Cry ending Me just annihilating a team at MVC3 with...

Visionary Top 5: PC in Article Comments

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Quite bold to predict Diablo 3 for 09. I don't quite think it will make it.

by frags

Digital Tales: Early multiplayer and Half-Life in Article Comments

's Avatar

hahaha, brings back memories! good fun article - can anyone remember what that map with the tram type with was called?

by Gordonman

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