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With video game publishers focussing more and more on what's around the corner, rather than looking ahead to what's due a year from now, predicting the big games and moments of 2009 isn't easy. But that hasn't stopped us gazing into our gaming crystal ball and bringing you our predictions on what's going to happen next year. Here, we run down our top tips for 2009 for all you PC fanboys out there.

Half-Life 2: Episode Three

Valve has been relatively quiet in 2008 when it comes to Half-Life. With Episode Two arriving inside The Orange Box at the tail end of 2007, a Christmas 2009 release for an all-singing, all dancing conclusion to the Half-Life 2 storyline that doesn't need to be sold alongside other games seems like a solid bet. Despite Valve's lack of support for PS3, we expect PS3 owners will receive the game too. If Valve feels it has to go down the same multi-game route as The Orange Box, our money's on a collection that includes a new Portal, Episode Three and a new version of CounterStrike.

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Quite bold to predict Diablo 3 for 09. I don't quite think it will make it.
Posted 04:53 on 28 December 2008
Scabby_Sid's Avatar


well the typical sims demographic (young children aged about 8-14) wouldn't really be familiar with pirating techniques, which has led to this game having a larger portion of players buying retail.
Posted 17:47 on 27 December 2008
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The great thing is, I'm putting together a monster of a new PC, Q9400 2.66 Intel Core 2 Quad, GTX260, DDR32000 RAM, EVGA 790i FTW Mobo, and Valve can STILL blow me. I'm never getting a game of theirs...ever! Even if they _start_ to make games for the PS3, I still could care less. Reason being? Their refusal to develope for the PS3, indicates a refusal to move into this era of multi-core processors. Their games are programmed for 1 core, and, hence is a waste of my PC's abilities. I'll stick with Crysis, Farcry 2, and GTAIV for PC.

Valve, honestly, don't care what you do.

Posted 15:59 on 26 December 2008
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PC IMO, has 09 on lockdown if all of this happens, it not only disproves stupid theories (Pirated games dont sell well) but it also shows that PC gaming is alive and kicking and can sell more games than the consoles (D3/SC2)
Posted 13:28 on 26 December 2008

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