Guild Wars 2 screenshot
Guild Wars 2 screenshot

The end of the current Guild Wars 2 storyline begins on January 21, NCSoft and ArenaNet have announced.

"As we announced back in December, we're down to just four releases to go in the current storyline of living world," game director Colin Johanson explained. "The first of those four releases is nearly upon us, and we wanted to help take a moment and look back at the key moments that have brought us up to this point as a refresher before we dive head-first into countdown to the big finale."

Super villain Scarlet Briar has been working in the shadows all year, forging unlikely alliances, developing new technology, and laying the foundation of a master plan that will change Tyria forever. For a recap of what's happened over the last year check the video below.

Source: Press release

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Endless@ Tulipanzo

Guild Wars 2 is a massively accessible game PC-spec wise. if your machine cant run it I would be seriously questioning my commitment to PC gaming as a whole. As i recall GW2 can be run at pretty much the same level of detail as the original GW, which is massively old and even for it's time was very forgiving.

OT: I gave up on their living story system, felt too messy and uninteresting. I actually never even finished the main storyline for my character, the last stages were just too difficult without a fully co-ordinated group. And even then people barely wanted to do it more than a couple of times because it was such a chore.

I'm essentially waiting for the next proper expansion, new classes, new areas and hopefully finally GvG and HoH. Proper structured PvP.
Posted 12:43 on 08 January 2014


The game I couldn't play because my PC wasn't good enough, and Arenanet wouldn't bring it to consoles
Posted 17:35 on 07 January 2014

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