Guild Wars 2 is now available for pre-purchase, publisher NCsoft has announced.

The upcoming MMO is scheduled to launch sometime this year, and now users who purchase Collector's, Digital Deluxe, or Standard editions will get guaranteed access to beta weekend events.

Additionally they will receive a three-day head start before the game's launch, as well as an exclusive Hero's Band which gives characters a range of power boosts.

The pre-purchase is currently £39.99 at, £10 cheaper than buying direct.

The Guild Wars 2 beta began last month in March. Check out our hands-on account of the MMO.

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Endless's Avatar

Endless@ FantasyMeister

I'm actually amazed, i read the minimum specs a while back and was dubious as to whether i would be 'enough' above them. but according to canIrunit the result would be 'fast'!

I'll probably still just get it retail when it's released though, I dont have the time to dedicate to a guild any more, not one in this country that will go to sleep before 11 >.> And the american-based guild I used to play with dont start until 10-11pm here and most people get on near 2am. So I think this time around i'm happy to play it with friends, I know at least 3 or 4 people I can count on to play it without looking at people on here!
Posted 18:43 on 10 April 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I haz investigated a little more: in the UK the retailers you can pre-purchase the Collector's Edition from are Zavvi, and £129.99.

The Basic pre-purchase and Deluxe pre-purchase versions can be ordered direct now from for £49.99 and £64.99 respectively, but read the smallprint, 4 out of 5 extras with the Deluxe version are one-time-use, and do you really want to pay an extra £65 for the tat that comes with the Collector's Edition?

My PC can run it so yours probably can as well.
Need to know for sure if you can run it?
Posted 14:01 on 10 April 2012

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