Guild Wars 2 screenshot
Guild Wars 2 screenshot

Guild Wars 2 has launched and is already breaking records, NCsoft and ArenaNet have announced.

Prior to launch more than one million fans pre-purchased the game to ensure access to the three day Headstart weekend. So high was demand for the title that over this three day period that a record-breaking 400,000 concurrent players were registered online.

"This is the culmination of a five-year journey and to be greeted by this level of enthusiasm by our fans is truly amazing," said O'Brien, president and co-founder of ArenaNet. "But really our work is just beginning. Now our focus is shifting to building on this living world we’ve delivered, continuously refining our game and improving services to ensure our players have the best possible experience."

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Neon-Soldier32@ Endless

I managed to get it from Ebay for £34. But thanks.
Posted 22:03 on 28 August 2012
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ Neon-Soldier32

if you shop around you can get it for £33.
Posted 20:16 on 28 August 2012


I'm interested in buying this. From what FM's wrote about it, it sounds good. However, I'm a little skeptical about paying £40 for it. Yes, I know it's f2p, but this would be the first MMO I've taken seriously so Im not 100% I'd like it.
Posted 14:21 on 28 August 2012

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