Guild Wars 2 screenshot
Guild Wars 2 screenshot

Hackers have gained unauthorised access to numerous Guild Wars 2 accounts, ArenaNet has confirmed.

Reports of account hacking in the final version of Guild Wars 2 came to light over the weekend after a number of players took to various online forums to report concerns that their account appeared to have been compromised.

Some noted that in-game items had gone missing, while others reported that they had been locked out of the game altogether.'s own Matt Nellis also reported problems after receiving two emails alleging to be from ArenaNet suggesting that an unauthorised third party had attempted to reset the password to his account.

In response to enquiries, ArenaNet confirmed on Reddit that some users' accounts had been hacked.

"You are correct, your account was hacked," ArenaNet's support team told one user asking why his account had been banned. "Thank you for submitting a ticket -- that will expedite the process! (And I'm sorry that happened to you.)"

"Thanks for your patience. I looked it up and darn it, it appears the account was hacked," ArenaNet told another.

After confirming that multiple user accounts had been hacked, ArenaNet speculated that accounts were being accessed by gold sellers.

'As always we encourage our gamers to be vigilant on receiving emails related to game accounts'

"I think you may have had your account hacked by a gold seller," ArenaNet replied to another Reddit user. "As you can tell, we're nabbing them as quickly as we can. So please contact Support and they'll give you a hand in getting this account back."

Multiple other users on the site had also been affected by hacking, the firm confirmed.

The problem wasn't just restricted to select Reddit users, however. Reports of hacking were also posted by users across multiple forums.

One player, posting on Guild Wars 2 fansite GW2Guru, even claimed that hackers had stolen "over $150 from [his] bank account cause [he] linked [his] card to the account".

It is not yet known how widespread the hacking problem is.

In response to confirmation that some accounts had been hacked, one Reddit user said, "It's scary that so many people are getting their accounts hacked this early by gold sellers".

Some, however, suggested that the accounts may not have been hacked, but that those affected had been the victims of password phishing.

"It is VERY likely they aren't getting "hacked"," said a Reddit user. "Instead, the victims had a keylogger on their system prior to GW2, and the "hackers" are parsing the info for GW2 accounts."

ArenaNet says that "the most common way that accounts are hacked is when a player uses the same password on multiple accounts. When the database on [this fansite] or [that forum] or [that email account] gets stolen, an RMT company has passwords in hand and they ping them against popular games hoping to steal accounts."

To minimise the risk of being hacked, ArenaNet advises players to "change [their] password to something very complex and something that [they] use only for Guild Wars and nothing else".

Guild Wars 2 publisher NCsoft told this evening that it was "aware that emails requesting a password change have been sent to players without their having requested them".

"As always we encourage our gamers to be vigilant on receiving emails related to game accounts. Anyone with concerns should not click links within these emails but can change their password via the official support site:

"As with all NCsoft online services, security remains a priority."

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User Comments


They will haunt you until the end of time!!!!
Posted 21:53 on 31 August 2012
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ Shellei

I've never had a live account (I was in beta) for WoW and i get Blizzard warning emails ALL the time!
Posted 21:37 on 31 August 2012


Oh I got one of them but I don't have the game, so thought it was twaddle. I used to get them in WoW all the time, so I am quite wise to them now :)
Posted 17:23 on 31 August 2012
Endless's Avatar


I received the aforemntioned email: Unlucky for them I dont have the game yet! bwah! lol
Posted 20:59 on 30 August 2012
Annarra's Avatar


For the record I didn't click any link. Yet I'm on my 4th day of support services for Arena and yeah I haven't had any support what so ever yet. Including the fact that my cc is attached to the account kind makes me easily aggitated for them to move their rear ends into gear.
Posted 07:06 on 30 August 2012
BC_Animus's Avatar


I changed my account e-amail address after the game's early launch, and changed my password after launch day - not for security reasons mind you, but I never thought I'd have any security problems. Having said that, I did recieve an e-mail from Arenanet saying someone have requested a password reset very recently, and that was even before I had the game installed and patched.

I've only had one hacked experience before, and that was with Blizzard - not sure how that happened though, since I haven't touched that account for over a year prior to the hacking, and I haven't even gone to their website or opened anything claiming to be from them.

It's kinda scary how easy it is to have your online accounts hacked or identities stolen, even if you are careful about your security and your passwords. Especially considering to how much of our private info are public nowadays, and much of lives are tied up with the internet. A birthday wish from a friend or a comment about your childhood could contain enough info which might lead to someone spoofing you and hacking into one of your website accounts, which in turn could give them more info to hack into one of your other accounts, et cetera.

Sometimes I think my identity might be safer if cyborgs from the future would just travel back in time to kill me just so I could go on the run and drop off the grid...
Posted 05:39 on 30 August 2012
Timid's Avatar


That was shockingly quick, but at least ArenaNet are doing something about it promptly.
Posted 23:17 on 29 August 2012
NoOneSpecific's Avatar


Well, that certainly took long enough!
Posted 22:07 on 29 August 2012

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