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GTA Vice City digital sales put on hold because of Michael Jackson tune

Rockstar's classic open-worlder not currently available to buy on Steam.

Publish date Nov 16 2012

GTA: Vice City heading to iOS & Android

Vice City's 10th Anniversary Edition to offer "several unique enhancements".

Publish date Oct 26 2012

Take-Two expects GTA4 sales to trump predecessors

Points to a new marketing campaign this autumn, strong hardware partner support, the PC release and episodic content on Xbox 360.

Publish date Sep 5 2008

GTA 4 Vs GTA fan - How Rockstar ruined GTA

One of Rockstar's biggest fans lets rip about the flaws in GTA 4.

332 Publish date May 6 2008

GTA successful because the property hasn't been fleeced

This has ensured the franchise remains relevant today.

1 Publish date Apr 21 2008

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GTA 4 Vs GTA fan - How Rockstar ruined GTA in Article Comments

trolol1990's Avatar

Whoever said that gta IV is best said that only becouse of the graphics and becouse it is more realistical than the previus games.If you think so too,why dont you just go outside and play.You will...

GTA's Best Trailers in Article Comments

Woodfella's Avatar

'Everyone's a rat' trailer for gta4 was also rather dandy

GTA Vice City coming to PSN next week in Article Comments

BC_Animus's Avatar

And is it the edited version I wonder? with the Michael Jackson(?) song cut out?

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